Couple dubbed ‘tacky’ for asking pals for wedding gift – but not inviting them

A soon-to-be-married couple baffled guests after asking pals to pay for their honeymoon – despite not inviting them to the wedding.

A miffed mate uploaded a snap of the invitation to the forum Reddit.

And, posters dubbed the request “tacky”.

The pictured invite said: “As much as we would love for you to attend sadly our venue can not accommodate everyone.

“We are sure to keep you in our hearts in this celebration of love."

Would you give a gift to a mate getting married if you weren't invited? Let us know in the comments…

It continued: “If you would like to congratulate the bride and groom, rather than a registry, they are accepting money to aid in a beautiful honeymoon.”

The poster captioned the snap: “Sorry you can’t come to the wedding, send us money anyway. ”

And, the responses came thick and fast as the post racked up 469 comments.

Redditors gave their opinions on the unusual request – and they were fuming on behalf of the recipient, reports The Sun.

One person said: “I refer to any wedding invitations we receive as bills tbh.”

“If I'm going to spend money on someone I want to be for something they'll want and use,” added another.

A third wrote: “When did weddings specifically become fundraisers?”

A fourth commented: “I love how it goes from the first person 'we' in the first part to the third person 'the bride and groom' when asking for money.

"We would love you to attend, but this other narrator is going to ask you for money on our behalf.

"We are not that tacky as to ask for it ourselves."

Another said: "Asking for a gift on an un-invitation is BOLD."

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