Custard square, vanilla slice or snot block: Australia ruins tasty treat with name

Australia is known for its unique take on the English language.

From adding “O” to the end of everything to the array of slang words that spill off the tongue – there’s no denying they love their lingo.

But a recent video has claimed there’s an Aussie name for a pastry popular on both sides of the Tasman and this one really takes the biscuit.

The TikTok video calls the classic custard square a “snot block”, sparking a state-by-state divide as people from around Australia argue “you’re not an Aussie” if you call it anything else.

The debate over the true name for the gooey treat – which is apparently also called a vanilla slice across the Ditch and audaciously described as an “Australian delicacy” – has caused a furore.

“I’m sorry, but what f***ing Australian calls a vanilla slice a snot block?” one woman, who goes by the handle @k4chin4l3wiss, said on TikTok.

“It’s a vanilla slice.”

Her video has prompted an avalanche of comments from fellow Aussies, many from Victoria claiming that is where the term “snot block” was most commonly used.

“I’m from Melbourne and I have always been taught snot block,” one commented.

“Def a Melbourne / Victoria thing,” another stated.

Others from around the country agreed, explaining they had never heard it before.

“I’m from Sydney and I have straight up never heard that term in my life,” one person wrote.

“I’m from WA and I have never heard it called that,” another agreed.

“I’ve never heard it called a snot block my whole life, I’m Adelaide born,” one bloke said.

But some argued it was “unAustralian” to call the treat – which comprises either vanilla cream or custard sandwiched between puff pastry and topped with icing – by any name other than snot block.

“EVERY TRUE AUSSIE CALLS IT A SNOT BLOCK,” one passionate person wrote.

“It’s not just a Melbourne thing, I’m from Tassie and my dad calls it that,” someone else stated.

For some though, the name was too much to handle.

“No God, I’m never going to be able to eat it again,” one responded.

“It’s too gross to say, makes me feel ill,” another wrote.

The original video, shared by artist Tasha who runs the account @jublyumph, also attracted a huge number of comments.

She has since posted a second video about the huge reaction she received, revealing the various names for the sweet treat from around the world.

“I posted a video about vanilla slice and how a lot of other Aussies and myself call it snot block,” Tasha said.

“Honestly, it’s such a fun name.

“Heaps of people jumped on from all around the world … to say that it’s actually called custard squares or ice slice or tompouce.”

She said some claimed it was a French dessert while others believed it was British – but it had been adapted around the world by different cultures to create our own “little slice of happiness”.

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