Daily horoscope for August 16: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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The Moon is in Cancer in today’s horoscope and that is good news for art lovers. Cancer is often associated with loyalty, sympathy and an affinity towards creativity. Allow these energies to flow through you today, particularly if you find yourself close to a body of water.

Cancer is a water sign and is most comfortable, above else, when relaxing near the water.

But don’t forget Cancer’s weaknesses could be equally heightened today as moodiness and insecurities seep through the cracks in your outer defences.

Also, prepare yourself for the monotony of life under COVID-19 to end.

Leisure and relaxation are your best friends today.

Keep your eyes peeled for Leo as well – the courageous fire sign of the lion.

People with a strong Leo influence in their birth charts are said to be creative, passionate and extremely generous.

But every coin has an unfortunate flipside and Leo can be arrogant and stubborn if the conditions aren’t right.

Worse yet, laziness and a lack of understanding for the plight of others are always lurking around the corner if you aren’t prepared.

For Aquarius, expect an emotional or personal fallout today.

When this happens, the issues will drag you down until you find the right moment to disconnect from the problems that have boggled you.

With Sagittarius, today is all about positivity and enthusiasm in the face of your challenges.

But while this is happening, take a moment to reflect about your past.

Perhaps this could be your chance to strengthen the relationships and close bonds you have with your loved ones.

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Scorpio – be aware! Someone or something might appear today that will try to lead you astray.

Pay attention to your dealings and scrutinise all the details before you make any decisions.

But don’t rely on advice from others. Trust your heart and trust your mind.

If an opportunity presents itself that seems too good to be real, the odds are it is.

Libras will also have to make some important decisions today.

Perhaps you will have to readjust your goals and priorities to get a clearer picture of where you are headed.

Or perhaps today is your chance for some introspection and a makeover.

And Virgo! Pay attention because big changes are coming your way – maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow – but you will need to be ready when they come.

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