Daily horoscope for November 15: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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It’s wonderful when the planets get in your corner on a Monday morning; bestowing you with everything you need to get this week off to a flying start. However, life is all about balance, and when all your energy goes towards being the boss’s favourite, you can end up neglecting your other responsibilities. Here is your horoscope for November 15.

As you step forward into a new week, the Moon is still in bold and brilliant Aries.

This means you’ll be bringing bags of independence and confidence to Monday morning.

The Moon in Aries creates a sextile with Saturn in Aquarius.

Saturn in Aquarius is associated with both expanse and rigidity, meaning you can achieve big things, within tight parameters.

This sextile is ideal for a Monday morning: your Aries-inspired entrepreneurship meets Aquarius’ passion for orderliness.

Push any untidy bits of admin, or difficult tasks on your desk, to the top of your to-do list this morning.

The planets are in perfect alignment for you to tackle nagging issues at work, and impress those around you with your get-it-done attitude and steely determination.

This gift for organisation, coupled with Saturn’s expanse, means you must set your sights higher than sorting out the filing cabinet.

Today, you can tackle the big picture, and think of creative solutions to problems that have been plaguing your team for months.

Aries also brings with it the gift of direct communication, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind to colleagues who are digging their heels; things need to change around here.

A change in your work circumstances has been overdue, and by asserting yourself this week, you will really catch the eye of the higher-ups.

However, while you expend your energy making strides at work, don’t lose sight of what’s going on at home.

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The Aries Moon forms a square with Venus in Capricorn, which could lead to feeling reserved around your loved one.

Rather than focusing on the love you share, you may find yourself unusually preoccupied with questioning your relationship.

These questions arise from your own sense of self-doubt, so be careful not to implicate your partner too much.

If you do feel the need to articulate your feelings to your significant other, you may have a more fruitful discussion if you let your partner in and share where your feelings of insecurity stem from, rather than accuse them of being inadequate.

As the Sun forms a square with Jupiter today, we can indulge an unrealistic optimism about how life should look.

Don’t forget: it’s not appearances that matter, but how things are on the inside.

Try to avoid overthinking, and instead remind yourself to take things moment by moment.

After all, we’re all at the mercy of the planets’ movement around the cosmos.

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