Dave Chapelle’s Attacker Behind Bars Until He Can Cough Up Bail

Isaiah Lee will be behind bars until further notice unless he has $30,000 lying around. Following his attack on comedian Dave Chappelle during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this week, Lee is plead ‘not guilty’ to four misdemeanor charges.

Lee appeared in court today with his arm bandaged in a sling. TMZ notes he looked “very much worse for wear” after breaking his arm during the altercation. He was represented by a public defender.

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The judge granted him bail and hit him with a protective order that necessitates he stay 100 yards away from Chapelle, the Hollywood Bowl, and any venue Chapelle has scheduled shows at.

Lee was originally arrested on Tuesday after jumping on-stage and tackling Chappelle during his “Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival” show. He was quickly pulled off the comedian and arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon after a knife was found on him.

Lee may not face a lengthy sentence, if found guilty. The prosecution declined to pursue federal charges, so TMZ reports that he’ll likely spend no more than 18 months in county jail.

However, Lee may be behind bars for the time being, if he can’t put together bail money. And according to Chappelle’s description of his attacker, he may not have that sort of money to his name.

During an appearance at the Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip, Chapelle jokingly told Chris Rock he would’ve preferred getting hit by Will Smith.

“At least you got smacked by someone of repute. I got smacked by a homeless guy with leaves in his hair!” the comedian said.

However, Chappelle revealed that he went to talk to Lee after the assault to find out his motivation, and it had nothing to do with the comedian. “I needed to talk to him,” Chapelle said, explaining Lee was trying to being attention to his grandmother who was forced to leave her home due to gentrification.

Chappelle’s team released a statement acknowledging the incident yesterday.

“As unfortunate and unsettling as the incident was, Chappelle went on with the show,” his representative Carla Sims said to CNN. “Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock helped calm the crowd with humor before Chappelle introduced the last and featured musical guests for the evening.”

It’s unclear if Chappelle is pressing charges against Lee, but Sims said he’s “fully cooperating” with authorities.

Chappelle is continuing on with his comedy tour.

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