David Crosby Goes Viral for Rude Reaction to Fan Drawing: 'Don't Quit Your Day Job'

Crosby double, triple and quadrupled down on his stance — responding to backlash and writing, "as art I think it sucks."

David Crosby stuck by his shade over the weekend, even after he was dragged online for his blunt reaction to a fan portrait of the legendary singer.

The 80-year-old musician went viral after one of his fans shared a drawing of Crosby to Twitter on Saturday, tagging him and writing, “hope you are keeping well. Did a picture of you…. Thanks for the music.”

Instead of complimenting the fan, Crosby responded with brutal honesty — saying the profile portrait was “the weirdest painting of me. I have ever seen …..don’t quit your day job.”

Almost immediately, Crosby started to get some negative feedback about his negative feedback — something which didn’t appear to upset the musician in the slightest. Instead, he double, tripled and quadrupled down on his criticism.

“Why crush somebody when you can just say nothing? Especially a fan,” asked one follower. “What’s the benefit to anyone? Just don’t respond. I don’t understand @thedavidcrosby motivation to do this.”

Crosby hit back, writing, “I just didn’t think it was any good … but I should not have dropped the ‘don’t quit your day job’ on him … that was just being pissy … which I sometimes am … usually I’m fairly thoughtful.”

When another said he had “really hurt” one fan’s feelings, he said, “If I don’t like it I don’t like it.” That prompted another follower to ask, “does that mean you have to be tactless and unkind w how you express it?” — to which he replied, “Does it mean I have to pretend to like art that I think isn’t any good?”

He also replied to another follower who called his response “pretty crappy” and said Crosby “probably just crushed a living fan for no other reason than to criticize his art.” The musician’s reply: “Does not mean I have to like it … as art I think it sucks.”

He also didn’t seem to understand one fan’s response, as they sent him a photo of “Minny’s famous chocolate pie” from “The Help” and added, “Hi David Crosby, hope you are keeping well. Made you a pie. Thanks for the music.”

Crosby went on to retweet a number of followers who praised him for sharing his unfiltered opinions with fans, even if they aren’t necessarily always positive.

While the original artist didn’t respond to Crosby’s comment, he did later make it clear he had seen all the reaction to the exchange.

“After yesterday’s somewhat lively discussion on subjectivity in art appreciation, I’d just like to say thank you to the all the new followers and those who took the time to leave comments. Best wishes,” he shared on Sunday.

He also responded to a positive comment about his work from Patricia Arquette, who wrote, “It reminds me of stained glass. Nice work!”

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