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DISNEYLAND is almost a perfect holiday destination for a trip away with small children.

They get to experience both the fun of the rides and the magic of Disney, while spending time with their family.

However, parents can fall into the trap of taking their kids at the wrong time in their lives.

That's why Anna-Maria Janssen, Product and Commercial Director at holiday provider Ocean Florida has revealed the best time to take kids to the theme park.

For Anna-Maria between 5-10 years old is the optimal age for a youngster to make the most of Disneyland.

That's because they not only still qualify for child tickets, which are more affordable, but they’re more likely to remember the majority of the magical moments. 

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She said: “For some children, the older they are in this age bracket the better.

"With increasingly fewer height restrictions and a broader range of Disney-related interests, you can plan what you want, when you want, before they become extra fussy teenagers.

“This age group can usually enjoy Disney’s best rides and entertainment alongside educational attractions.

"They’re also likely to have plenty of energy for a day out in the parks without the need for an afternoon nap, so you can cover plenty of ground wherever you go.

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Kids this age will arguably have the most fun at Walt Disney World, as they truly buy into the fairy tale of theme parks."

That's not to say kids outside of that age range will have a bad time, however.

For example, 3-5 year-olds generally have boundless energy, and there are few places better than Disneyland to burn it off.

Anna-Maria added: “Disney's Magic Kingdom is perfect for this age group, as it features many of the classic, child-friendly Disney attractions.

"From The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh to Peter Pan's Flight, it’s pretty easy to find a familiar tale that will catch their eye and ignite their imagination.”

Anna-Maria also claims parents of older kids don't need to worry about them not enjoying Disneyland either.

She continued:  “As children get into their teens, they’re far more likely to remember experiences forever.

"Plus, they may have a sense of independence that will help you slip into the carefree feeling that every holiday deserves.

“Whether they’re the ones calling the shots and helping you discover the best rides, attractions and parks, or they prefer to take your lead, there’s plenty for older children to enjoy too."

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