Dog mimics his shocked owner by sticking out his tongue for a photo

What a copy…DOG! Pet owner is left open-mouthed in shock when cheeky canine perfectly mimics her by sticking out his tongue for the camera seconds after she made the same face

  • Sonia Horvath, 22, from Chicago, was filming herself cuddling her dog Walter when she stuck out her tongue for the camera 
  • To her shock, the adorable pooch followed suit just seconds later and copied her facial expression 
  • She posted the video on social media, where it quickly went viral, racking up more than 150,000 views
  • Commenters were captivated by Walter, with some joking that he was trying to show Sonia ‘how it’s done’ 

A sweet dog has become a viral superstar – simply for poking out his tongue. 

In a hilarious moment caught on camera by pet owner Sonia Horvath 22, from Chicago, Illinois, the canine, known as Walter, can be seen perfectly mimicking her expression – leaving her open-mouthed in shock.

The clip has racked up 156,000 views so far and social media users are going wild for the precious pooch.

Strike a pose! Adorable dog Walter has gone viral after mimicking his owner Sonia Horvath’s photo face by poking out his tongue just seconds after she did 

Sonia, an outreach worker, was relaxing on the sofa at home when her pointer-beagle mix made the funny face.

Seemingly mimicking his owner, who herself had been sticking her tongue out jokingly just seconds earlier, the two-year-old dog’s reaction left Sonia in complete disbelief.

‘I was absolutely shocked when he stuck out his tongue!’ she told Jam Press.

‘It made me gasp and laugh out loud because he’d never done anything like that before.

‘There’s no way of knowing what was going through his head but I like to joke and say he was trying to copy me while I was making funny faces at him.

‘Or that he was posing for the picture.’

Sonia added both she and her family now regularly try to make Walter recreate the tongue motion, but he doesn’t appear to grasp what they want him to do (or perhaps he is simply being a diva and refusing).

Instagram users seemed equally as impressed as Walter’s owner.

One person commented: ‘That’s so cute.’

Someone else added: ‘Best selfie ever.’

‘He is like imma show you how this works,’ another person wrote.

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