Donald Trump, Boris Johnson Get Movie Makeover In Jim Carrey’s Coronavirus Art

President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have been dumped into “The Shining” in Jim Carrey’s latest artwork.

The actor-artist depicted the leaders as the twins from the iconic horror movie as he called out their fumbled responses to the coronavirus pandemic that have left the U.S. and the U.K. with the highest death tolls in the world.

More than 93,000 people have now died from COVID-19 in the U.S. while in the U.K. the pandemic has claimed more than 35,000 lives.

“Highest death tolls in the covid world. Half of those deaths… preventable,” Carrey captioned his picture. “REDRUM! REDRUM!! REDRUM!!!” he added, in reference to the chilling “MURDER!” plotline from the film.

Trump and Johnson have faced intense criticism and scrutiny over the way in which their respective governments have handled the public health crisis.

Both leaders initially downplayed the risk of the virus. Johnson even boasted at the start of the outbreak of shaking hands with everybody at a hospital where “there were a few coronavirus patients.”

The prime minister later tested positive for the contagion and was hospitalized for a week, spending three nights in intensive care.

Carrey, a vocal critic of Trump and his administration, last week slammed Fox News’ coverage of the pandemic with this image:

The “Kidding” star’s insertion of Trump and Johnson into the Stanley Kubrick-directed 1980 film, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, is not a new concept, however.

“Game of Thrones” actor Lena Headey, who played Cersei Lannister in HBO’s epic fantasy drama that ended last year, shared this similarly-themed meme in 2019:

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