Don’t ignore this Windows advice! Make sure heatwave doesnt put your laptop at risk

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Windows laptop and PC owners have been given an urgent warning amid the ongoing heatwave that has hit the UK. The country is currently enjoying sweltering conditions, with the mercury expected to hit as high as 34C in London on what’s set to be the hottest day of the year so far. And amid these roasting conditions, Windows users are being warned of the common mistakes people make which put their laptops and PCs at risk.

Even during normal weather conditions, overheating is a real risk to PCs and laptops – and the threat is even more likely with the high temperatures currently hitting the country.

When your PC or laptop overheats, this can lead to your fan running on overdrive – while moving between one area of the house that’s cool to another where the temperatures are high can lead to performance issues.

To help you avoid any PC or laptop issues sparked by the heat, there are a few simple tips you can take today to protect your Windows devices.

These top tips were outlined by Alan Gilmour, manager at computer refurbishment specialists Euro PC.

The handy advice which you can easily put into practice today includes making sure the air vents on your device are clear, staying out of direct sunlight and making sure you don’t put your laptop on your lap.

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With the latter, this is an easy mistake to make as it’s a comfortable place to put your laptop while you work.

But doing this can lead to your legs blocking the air vents, so it’s best to make sure you place your laptop on a desk – instead of on your lap – when working.

If you follow all of these tips and still feel like your Windows laptop or PC is overheating then you can place a small fan at your device to help it cool down.

Outlining these tips, Gilmour said: “With temperatures already reaching sweltering levels outside, a lot of people will be dealing with overheating laptops and PCs while they’re trying to get work done, either in the office or at home. Laptops and PCs can already overheat in regular weather and this issue is even more common in high temperatures. To avoid such issues, there are a few simple tricks which can make the difference.

“Try cleaning your device’s air vents, not using your laptop on your lap (as your legs will block the vents), staying out of direct sunlight and, if overheating still seems to be an issue, purchasing a small fan to place on your desk and point toward your device. Collectively, this should keep your laptop and PC running at an optimal temperature and allow you to work without a de facto radiator in front of you.

“Another thing to consider is that moving from a cool area to intense heat with a laptop can lead to performance issues. Similar to a plastic bottle of water, condensation can occur inside your laptop. It is quite uncommon, but any form of moisture can do serious damage to a laptop.”

While the UK temperatures are roasty today, over the weekend it is set to be cooler before sunny weather once again returns next week.

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