Dr Pimple Popper fans squirm as ‘spaghetti’ pus squeezed from woman’s armpit

Dr Pimple Popper treated her followers to a video of a woman's hidden cyst being burst and oozing out huge amounts of yellow liquid.

The TV medic, real name Dr Sandra Lee, uploaded one of her favourite clips from the show onto TikTok and the never-ending stream of pus-like goop reminded people of "noodles".

In the clip, captioned "Steatocytoma in the axilla", the woman holds up her armpit which looks almost completely normal at a first glance.

Dr Pimple Popper is able to locate a slight bump hidden under the skin and inserts a needle-thin instrument inside, while squeezing gently with her thumb and finger.

As soon as she removes the instrument, a yellow stream of liquid comes flying out of the wound.

It winds around itself as it oozes forth in a neverending torrent.

When it looks like the wound is emptied, Dr Lee wipes away the gunk and starts to squeeze again, only for more yellow liquid to gush out once more.

  • Disgusting moment man's huge cyst explodes and covers doctors in white pus

Finally, when the cyst is fully drained, the medic pulls out the fleshy pink sac with another instrument and cuts it away with surgical scissors.

Hopefully, her expertise means the cyst will never come back again.

The video has been watched more than 4 million times since it was uploaded on the @drpimplepopper TikTok account on June 12.

Predictably, it has delighted pop-aholics compared the cyst to a variety of pasta types.

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"Noodles anyone?" joked one viewer.

Another person commented it looked like "linguine" and somebody else dubbed it "forbidden pasta".

"Why is it yellow?" asked another fan.

Steatocytoma are usually soft to firm semi-translucent cysts and contain an oily, yellow liquid, according to dermnetnz.org.

If a single cyst of this type is found, it is called steatocystoma simplex, but a person with multiple cysts has steatocystoma multiplex.

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