'Dream-Maker' Man Helps Others Achieve Lifelong Goals, Says Campaign Is Needed 'Now More Than Ever'

Up next on his list, Ressler is helping a woman named Ginny Ekins who wants to recreate her wedding. Ressler says Ekins made the request after having the oxygen to her brain cut off during heart surgery, which ultimately affected her longterm memory and caused her to forget her nuptials.

“It really has taken a toll on her relationship because she has asked that all of the wedding photos in her house be taken down and she doesn’t like to talk about it,” Ressler explains. “For her husband, it’s almost as if he also didn’t have a wedding.”

“Because everyone’s shuttered, now became a really good time for me to focus on getting that done,” he continues. “All of the wedding planners, florists, chefs, across the world have suddenly had their events canceled and their time is completely available.”

So far, Ressler says he’s enlisted wedding planner Dawn Reinholtz, Eva Chen at Instagram and a friend who owns a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. In a few weeks, he plans on presenting the options to Ekins, which include a virtual ceremony or an in-person one to take place after the pandemic.

“The point here is: just as the COVID virus is global, so is the idea of helping each other level up,” Ressler says. “When it comes to people’s dreams, when you step in and say, ‘I will help you,’ it changes the entire dynamic of that relationship and the relationship that we have with each other in the world.”

“DreamMaker is the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter your socioeconomic background, what you believe, what your political situation is, who you love,” he adds. “There are no borders when it comes to helping each other, and sometimes it’s as simple as someone saying ‘You can do it.'”

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