Elvis Presley BOMBSHELL revealed during inside Graceland’s kitchen video – WATCH

As the lockdown continues, Elvis Presley’s home of Graceland have been broadcasting from inside to entertain fans. And now the latest video sees Director of Archives Angie Marchese in the Memphis mansion’s kitchen. Here she revealed a bombshell fact about one of Elvis’ appliances.

The new Instagram video post read: “While Graceland is closed, we’ll bring #Graceland to you!

“Check out this video for a closer look inside Elvis’ kitchen and learn more about one ‘hi-tech’ item in particular.”

While in the video Angie said: “Hi everybody! I know that you guys are at home.

“I’m here in Graceland’s kitchen and I know there’s a lot of people probably spending a lot of time in their kitchen these days, because what else is there to do at home?”


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The Graceland Director of Archives continued: “Well we’ve given you lots of ideas. You can play games, listen to music, enjoy family time.

“But probably one of my favourite things, if you are in the kitchen and I use all the time, is my microwave.

“Well guess who else had a microwave? Elvis did.”

And that’s where she dropped the bombshell fact.

Angie revealed: “In fact, this is the very first microwave ever sold in the city of Memphis.”

“Costing Elvis over $600 dollars.

“Now I know we’re probably making microwave popcorn and things.

“But can you imagine some of the stuff Elvis microwaved in here?”

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She added: “Hope you guys are safe and having fun with your family.

“And we hope to see you really soon, as soon as we’re able to reopen at Elvis Presley’s Graceland. Bye for now!”

Right now Graceland is shut due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the museum currently plans to reopen on May 1.

Of course, this closure could well be extended if the US government continues the lockdown.

But in the meantime, Graceland have been showing their solidarity in the guise of Elvis’ patriotism.

The second most visited home in the USA after the White House is being floodlit in the red, white and blue of the American flag.

And Elvis fans can view the patriotic sight on a live cam found on the official Graceland website.

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