ESPN’s ‘Around the Horn’ perfectly sums up how everyone feels after the first presidential debate

ESPN’s Tony Reali may need to get ready to pull double duty.

The first presidential debate of the 2020 election season came and went Tuesday, and no matter who you decide to vote for, the end result was, in a word, chaotic. Both Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden crossed verbal swords throughout the night, leading to a bit of a messy, disjointed debate that left Twitter wanting more.

That gave sports fans an idea: Why not give the moderator a mute button like ESPN’s game and debate show “Around the Horn”?

Journalist and moderator Chris Wallace had his hands full trying to verbally “separate” Trump and Biden throughout the night, leading to people questioning the true power of a moderator, should he not be able get one candidate to stop speaking over the other. Tony Reali has plenty of experience with that.

For those unaware, the long-running ESPN program pits four sportswriters against one another, with points being awarded for good discussion, removed for bad discussion, while the show’s host and moderator Reali is allowed to hit a mute button to silence panelists for going off topic, interrupting others or speaking too long. All of which happened in some form on Tuesday night.

Twitter noticed this, and in a rare moment of unity in 2020 in the United States of America, continued making the same joke:

Well if they can’t get Reali for the next debate, maybe both candidates can run the “American Ninja Warrior” course instead.

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