Experts warn against eating your bogies as it could cause risk of ‘infection’

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Whether or not you want to deny it, a lot of people pick their nose.

In fact, a study found a whopping 91% of adults admit to having the uncontrollable habit – on a regular basis as well that is.

But when you fancy a little mucus snack afterwards, that's when things aren't that good for you.

According to Business Insider, bogies serves as your front-line defence against invading germs.

It means when you breathe in you're also taking in bacteria and dirt which get trapped.

As you carry on breathing and air hardens, this mucus is formed into a solid booger.

Now onto the bit about what happens when you eat the stuff lying around in your nose.

Experts say eating your bogies is like ingesting a bacteria-ridden ball which releases a lot of harmful pathogens into your system.

You're also putting yourself at risk of infection when you're doing it. Doesn't sound so nice anymore right?

There's no scientific evidence to prove that it's good for the immune system so basically you're just eating your bogies for nothing.

To treat any problems up there, Medical News Today says you could apply petroleum jelly and using saline spray.

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Some people pick their nose out or boredom or often as part of a nervous habit.

People should book in to see their doctor or healthcare provider if their nose picking causes bleeds or breathing problems.

If you're struggling to stop picking up there are ways to keep your hands busy.

You could try a stress ball, handheld game or take up some arts and crafts.

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