'F9' Director Reveals He Consulted NASA for Film's Space Stunt Scenes

When the first clips of F9 were first released to the public, many thought the space-related scenes were a joke. However, it has now been revealed that in order to get those space sequences going, Fast and Furious director Justin Lin actually consulted NASA.

In an interview, Lin discussed his choice to get help from NASA scientists, “Going to space was not something I took for granted or I was very flippant about.” He added that at first, rocket scientists would laugh but, he remained vigilant in getting his answers leaving the space scene to be “one of the most sound action set pieces in our franchise.”

Executive producer Josh also revealed that when they pitched the space scene it started out as a joke, “Okay, Dom and the gang go to the moon, and they race cars; they’re racing cool rovers on the moon and Dom wrecks his rover. And the bad guy’s about to get away, but he’s just at the Apollo 11 site. And he finds the original moon rover, and he’s racing. We kind of did it as a joke, and we pitched it to Justin, and we had a good laugh. But then Justin’s like, ‘Well, maybe there’s something there.’”

Lin revealed that he spent a lot of time trying to ensure the best ways to send the characters into the final frontier, going as far as getting “on the phone with NASA scientists” just to “pick their brains how to do it.” The conversations appear to have paid off as they made the scenario more believable to audiences.

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