Facebook DOWN: Social networking site and Messenger not working for millions

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Facebook down reports are on the rise today, with countless people experiencing issues with both the social networking giant’s site and the Messenger app. Independent outage monitor has recorded a huge spike in both Facebook down and Messenger down reports. At the time of writing Down Detector UK has recorded a peak of more than 50,000 Facebook down reports.

While the independent outage monitor has also registered more than 8,000 Messenger down reports.

According to Down Detector stats, the vast majority of affected Facebook users are experiencing issues with the actual Facebook website.

While others are having problems with the Facebook app and server connection.

As the Facebook service issues hit users flocked to Twitter to report the problems they were facing.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users report issues

One tweeted: “What going on with Facebook? #facebookdown”.

While another posted: “pls i thought my internet went out but it’s just Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram shutting down.. AGAIN”.

One added: “Instagram down, Facebook down, WhatsApp down.”

And another wrote: “Here we go again. Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook are down.”

The Facebook service issues hit as other apps owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s firm also went down.

Besides Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp users have also been hit with outages today.

Down Detector UK has recorded a peak of over 70,000 WhatsApp down reports with a high of over 30,000 Instagram down reports.

WhatsApp users have reported issues sending and receiving messages while Instagram users are experiencing problems with the app.

Down Detector is an independent outage monitor which tracks social mentions to detect the moment popular services are taken offline.

Express.co.uk has contacted Facebook about the service disruption today across its suite of apps and asked if a fix is in the works.

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