Fans react to Birmingham's Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

‘Our proud tradition of abominable traffic!’: Fans offer their verdict on Birmingham’s Commonwealth Games opening ceremony after epic show in Alexander Stadium, with special praise for ‘incredible Brummie Bull’

  • The Commonwealth Games got underway with the opening ceremony 
  • Fireworks, classic cars, and a giant Birmingham bull all featured in the show
  • The Commonwealth Games features 72 nations and runs until August 3
  • The extravagant opening ceremony received a mixed reaction on social media

The 2022 Commonwealth Games got underway in Birmingham on Thursday evening as the weird, wacky, and wonderful produced an opening ceremony fitting of the grand sporting event.

From segments involving parading cars featuring the Prince of Wales, to firework displays, hot air balloons, and some of the craziest artistic creations we have ever seen, you could be forgiven for forgetting about sport altogether.

While athletes from the 72 different nations and territories were paraded around the Alexander Stadium, it was largely the events going on around that caught the attention of the thousands in attendance.

A collection of the Midlands’ most famous cars put on a show at the ceremony in Birmingham

Social media boomed with praise for the masterfully created giant-sized mechanical bull

Social media boomed with comments from those at the stadium and at home with some praising the creativity of the curtain-raising event, and others mocking the exuberance on display.

Sportsmail delved into some of the best and worst social media reactions to the start of the 22nd edition of the Commonwealth Games.

One person compared the strange blown-up artistic depiction of author Samuel Johnson to famous Star Wars character Jabba The Hut as the green and purple creation was paraded for all to see.

Another instead compared it to the slug known as Roz in Pixar movie Monster’s Inc.

This was meant to be a representation of famous English writer Dr. Samuel Jackson

Some were quick to compare the strange creation to a famous children’s movie character

Kinder contributors praised the stunning recreation of the famous Bull that welcomes shoppers to the Bull Ring shopping centre in Birmingham city centre.

One social media user hailed the ‘incredible representation’ while another summed up the thoughts of many onlookers saying, ‘Loving the big Brummie bull’. 

The bull in all it’s glory – Twitter users heaped praise on the brilliant ‘Brummie bull’

The huge bull structure certainly impressed the thousands in attendance and those at home

Some were quick to find the humour in the ceremonies brilliantly British car demonstration that featured a host of classic and modern cars made in the Midlands cruise around the venue. 

Vintage and more modern Aston Martins, giant Land Rovers, and science-fiction McLarens were all put on display, but many online weren’t quite as impressed as organisers would have hoped.

A collection of some of Britain’s most iconic cars was compared to the rush-hour traffic

One user threatened to take action if the famous kids TV car Brum wasn’t included in the show

One joked that the display symbolised the daily rush hour traffic across Birmingham tweeting, ‘Our proud tradition of abominable traffic’.

And another viewer mockingly threatened to take serious action if famous kids television car Brum didn’t feature.

Other social media reaction saw a cross-country debate started with the suggestion that Glasgow’s 2014 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony wouldn’t be surpassed due to the giant Tunnocks teacakes that featured.

Part of the ceremony was also compared to the 2017 binmen strikes as a mound of colourful bags and suitcases were propped up in between a guitarist and accompanying dancers draped in white gowns.

Who did it best?! Some insisted Glasgow’s 2014 Commonwealth Games ceremony was better

Strike! A pile of colourful suitcases reminds one users of the 2017 binmen strikes

The 2022 Commonwealth Games will see 72 different countries and territories compete against each other across a range of sporting events.

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