Federal government announces overhaul to Sex Discrimination Act, backs all 55 recommendations

The federal government will amend the Sex Discrimination Act to include MPs, judges and public servants who are currently exempt.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the change on Thursday morning as part of the response to the [email protected] report which it received in January 2020.

“It all starts with disrespect. That’s where it starts. I would argue not just disrespect towards women, disrespect full stop. We’ve got to be careful in our society that we don’t allow the reservoir of respect to drain, and I fear it is,” Mr Morrison said.

The landmark report from Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins was released publicly last March. It made 55 recommendations aimed at shifting from a complaints-based system that puts a heavy burden on victims to one where employers must proactively stamp out sexual harassment and create safe workplaces.

More to come.

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