Firefighters save screaming puppy with its head trapped in a wheel

A firefighter has managed to rescue a puppy in Texas after he was found crying due to having his head trapped at the centre of a rusty steel wheel. 

The Dallas Fire Rescue were able to safely help the abandoned puppy, after he was finally found “howling and whimpering” by someone who was trying to locate the source of the noise. 

The dog was found “dehydrated, mangy and covered in fleas”, and it is unknown how long the puppy was trapped until he was rescued. 

The Dallas Fire Department called a local shelter volunteer who immediately “rushed” the puppy to an animal hospital after the “steel come of shame was removed.”

Dallas Dog Shelter has said the puppy was examined by a vet, who said he needed fluids, but otherwise, the puppy is fine and was rescued in time. 

On the Dallas Dog Shelter Facebook page, a picture of the puppy can be seen in which the puppy is seen looking sleepy and happy while wrapped up in a blanket.

The shelter also shared pictures of the puppy being rescued, in which the dog can be seen looking distressed as firefighters attempt to help him. 

The animal shelter has decided to name the puppy ‘Wheeler’ due to the circumstances he was found, and he will be put up for adoption shortly. 

On the shelter’s social media, Wheeler has become extremely popular as people have praised the shelter for saving the “sweet baby.” 

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One comment said: “Thanks to all in having a hand in saving this puppy!” 

A second person said: “Another great, caring patient firefighter doing a wonderful job in the rescue of little Wheeler. Thank you for your compassion!”

Somebody said Wheeler was “such a cutie” while another user said: “Wheeler has such a sweet face!”

Another user wrote: “Thank you for all who participate in his rescue, the poor sweet baby looks exhausted.”

Dallas Dog Shelter are asking for donations on their website to help with Wheeler’s care as well as other dogs like him, and you can help out by clicking the link here. 

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