‘Fortnite’ Added to 2023 Olympic Esports Series

Fortnite has been added to the Olympic esports roster, bringing the total game count to 10. The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF), the governing body of all Olympic shooting sports, has designed a challenge for competing gamers.

Created by the International Olympics Committee in partnership with game publishers, the esports series opened its qualifying window in March. It’ll culminate next month, in June, with the inaugural first-ever Olympic Esports Week, taking place in Singapore

12 competitive players from the Fortnite Champion Series have been invited to take part in the series. For the challenge, the ISSF has created its own Fortnite Island, which will be geared towards replicating the Olympics sport shooting arena. Players will be tested on their target aiming accuracy

In addition to Fortnite, among some of the other titles included in the competition are Grand Turismo, Just Dance and Tennis: Clash.

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