Gage Edward Says He's Learned That 'I'm Enough' After Jeff Lewis Split: 'I'm Focusing on Me'

Elsewhere on his Instagram Live, Edward opened up about his ex, Lewis, explaining that he’s choosing to take the “high road” so not to negatively influence his daughter’s perception of her other dad.

“I don’t ever want to put Monroe in that position,” Edward said. “She’s going to have her own experience with her other dad. I’m not going to weigh in on it and I’m not going to influence it. I’ll never put her in that spot . . . I look at my daughter as if she’s 13, 14, 15, on Google one night, reading. And I’m not going to contribute to that.”

“For her, I’m not going to put her in a predicament where she’s influenced by anything that I think with that relationship,” Edward continued. “Because, by the way, we’re not talking 15 years. This is [going to be about] her first kid, this is her wedding, this is her first heartbreak. We have a long road ahead together — the three of us in some capacity. Or not. I’m hopeful for that in the future, but you never know.”

(Edward is currently suing Lewis for equal shared custody of their daughter, as well as a request to change her name from Monroe Christine Lewis to Monroe Christine Edward Lewis. A court date to settle the case is pending.)

For those moments when he’s triggered by negative things Lewis might say about him on the radio? “It’s about distraction more than anything,” said Edward, who was with Lewis for 10 years before they split.

“I’ve always been someone who takes a long time to respond to things and to think about my words because there’s a wake that’s leftover after you speak,” he said. “A lot of times that wake leaves destruction and if you’re going to cause destruction, you need to make sure that you really thought it through, because it could really hurt people. So how do you cope? I distract, deflect, go to the gym, anything to think through everything and not react. Because you have to remember that there are human emotions tied to everything, so you can’t really react with the trigger.”

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