Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson reveals terms for Eddie Hall rematch including tattoo and charity donation

HAFTHOR BJORNSSON is ready to give Eddie Hall a rematch – so long as certain terms are met.

The ex-strongman rivals settled their near-five year feud with a six-round exhibition bout in Dubai.

Bjornsson, 33, who scored two knockdowns in the super-heavyweight thriller, came out on top and with bragging rights on points.

And he warned Hall, 34, to add another chapter to their rivalry and secure a sequel, he must follow through with a charity donation and tattoo.

Bjornsson told SunSport: “We could definitely take a rematch, I would be happy to do so but he has to do things that he promised.

“He has to get the tattoo done and he has to pay that money to a charity of my choice – and I’m also going to give to a charity as well.”

Before the bitter bout, the pair agreed to pay $200,000 (£150,000) to a charity of the winner's choice.

And Hall was so confident in victory he vowed to get Bjornsson's name inked on his back if he lost.

He said in a YouTube video recorded before the fight, but released afterwards: "I've been hiding all this time so if I lose then I've done everything I can and I'll have a tattoo of Thor on my back, life is life."

The promises have not been forgotten by Bjornsson – who played The Mountain in Game of Thrones.

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He said: “I hope he’ll be a man of his word. Honestly, if he’s not going to be a man of his word, it’s just going to haunt him.

“People will be disappointed and people will stop believing the words that he says.

“We all know if I lost the fight then he would be already asking where the tattoo is, the money.

"I’m at least giving him a few days to relax with his family and his friends.

“I’m at least giving him a few days to breathe, I’m not attacking the guy right away because I know he’s probably going through a lot.

“He’s emotional right now, so I’m going to give him some time just to breathe but at some point I’m going to have to ask – if he doesn’t post the tattoo.”

The spectacle bout – billed 'the heaviest boxing match in history' – looks to have settled their score.

He has to get the tattoo done and he has to pay that money to a charity of my choice – and I’m also going to give to a charity as well.

And Bjornsson admits a weight has been lifted off his shoulders, having dealt Hall the biggest blow by winning their gigantic grudge match.

He said: “There was a lot said in the build up and I have to admit he got into my head a few times.

“Not in a way that I didn’t believe in myself but he annoyed me a few times, by saying silly things, by spurting out lies and talking nonsense to be honest with you.

“But all around I’m happy with the fight. He fought well, but I fought better, I won the fight.

“He was a tough opponent because he was so hard to read in the beginning because he had this weird style which is hard to train against.

“You don’t have many opponents you can spar against that throw these wild heavy hooks all the time.

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“But after the first round I figured him out very well, figured my distance, so it was mine to lose.

“I just had to use my jab a lot, use my distance well and when I felt comfortable I hit him with a one-two and when I hit him hard with those shots, it affected him.”

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