Genius tip using kitchen item could help hydrangeas obtain ‘richer tones’

Hydrangeas are a popular pick among gardeners because they naturally lend themselves to different outdoor settings during the summer.

Whether they’re grown on an urban plot or countryside garden, the flowers also take on different sizes and colors depending on the acidity levels of the soil.

Plant aficionados at Brighter Blooms have explained altering the acidity levels of soil could therefore give gardeners autonomy in choosing the colour of their blooms.

“There’s no shortage of misconceptions when it comes to changing hydrangea colors [sic],” The website explains. “Some home remedies may work but will require lots of time and energy, with no guaranteed results.

“That’s because adjusting the pH of your soil is difficult to do with only generally household items.”

Certain elements may have the ability to alter the pH level of soil over time, which could, in turn, influence the colour of a hydrangea bloom.

“Your soil’s pH level is the measure of how acidic or alkaline it is,” explained Brighter Blooms. “This is what determines if your blossoms are blue or pink.”

The internet is rife with methods for changing the colours of your hydrangeas, but according to the website, only a few are worth trying.

Brighter Blooms explain there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence certain acidifying foods could help influence the color of hydrangea blooms, such as coffee.

The website explained: “Coffee grounds can make the soil more acidic, which allows hydrangeas to absorb aluminum more easily and encourages their color to change to blue [sic].

“Other organic materials such as lawn clippings, pine needles, and fruit peels are also anecdotally thought to help create richer blue tones.”

“If you opt to try this method, plan to start in late fall and continue for several months.

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“Newer plants that haven’t yet begun to bloom will lively need up to a few years of coffee ground fertilizing before results are seen.”

It should be noted this gardening rule does not apply to white hydrangeas, as this variety of plants always remains white regardless of the pH levels of the soil.

The University of Georgia, states a “faster way to achieve a change [in colour] is through liquid soil drenches.

The educational body advises: “Dissolves one tablespoon of hydrated lime in one gallon of water. Drench the soil around the plant in March, April, and Mau with the solution.

“Avoid getting the solution on the leaves, as [it] can damage them.”

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