Georgina Rodriguez shares picture of £31k miracle bed she and Cristiano Ronaldo sleep in that 'slows down ageing'

GEORGINA RODRIGUEZ has revealed her secret to a great night's rest – a £31,000 bed!

The Spanish model showed off her comfy investment that is said to help 'reduce ageing'.

At 35, partner Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly defying time to continually produce some amazing performances for Juventus and Portugal.

And the Hogo bed has also been credited with improving athletes' recovery time.

On Thursday, Georgina posted a photo of her massive bed, describing it as like a 'cloud'.

She wrote on Instagram: "Confession time!My day begins when I lie down to sleep in my HOGO bed.

"Sleeping like I’m on a cloud is my secret to keeping up with my busy lifestyle.

"I felt the difference from day one and, after some time sleeping in it, I wouldn’t change it for anything!"

Hogo say their bed is 'scientifically guaranteed' to reduce one's age.

A company description reads: "Hogo is the only scientifically guaranteed and patented rest system in the world that naturally reduces biological age by slowing down the exudation and inflammation process by which we age."

There is no doubt that a good night's sleep is key to alleviating stress, be it emotional or physical.

And Ronaldo is not the only footballer to enjoy Hogo's offering with AtleticoMadrid star Marcos Llorente a big fan.

He posted a snap of his bed being enjoyed by his partner and their two dogs in the summer.

Ronaldo is said to have called upon sleep guru Nick Littlehales to maximise his recovery.

The expert worked with Manchester United during Sir Alex Ferguson's tenure and Ronaldo reportedly takes several naps a day.

The Juventus star, who recently notched his 750th career goal, also turns off all of his screens 90 minutes before bedtime.

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