Home-wrecker model gets revenge on female trolls by messaging their boyfriends

An OnlyFans model hit back at trolls who called her a "home-wrecker" by sliding into the DMs of their boyfriends and husbands.

Roxy posted a controversial video two weeks ago – where she asked viewers if they have called their husbands handsome today.

"Now everyone hates me and women are sending me nasty things, everyone keeps calling me a home-wrecker," she said in another video.

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"I want you to think about this – your relationship is this terrible that you have to be concerned about someone from the outside coming in – then he or she is not the one for you.

"If I could come in and tell your man that he's handsome and just doing that, would take the possibility of taking him from you, he is not the one for you, he should be ignoring me, he should be rude to me.

"So all of you women that commented on my post saying nasty things – I'm coming for you and your profiles."

Roxy picked some of the haters' profiles and looked for their partners from their Instagram account, adding: "I just wanna see if her husband's attached."

She clicked into one profile and responded: "Oh I can't see any posts but you do have your hubby tagged.

"Oh I can already tell from his profile picture that he is very handsome. Look that… follow!"

Another viewer claimed to have commented on Roxy's post saying: "If I think someone said this to my man in front of me, go to jail".

She went into the woman's profile and found her boyfriend's Instagram account.

Roxy said: "We're gonna send him a little message, I said 'hey how's it going?'."

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Some viewers found her way of "revenge" hilarious but others thought it's "sad" to see the way she handled trolls.

One asked Roxy to slide into her boyfriend's DMs as she was desperate to get rid of him.

A second wrote: "Why am I enjoying this? When will we get a part 2 of this?"

But some asked Roxy to get a "hobby" instead of wasting time on the trolls.

"I hope you find a man to fill all those voids in your heart to make you feel you need to do this," one added.


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