House of Hackney’s iconic wallpaper is trending – here’s 5 ways to get the look

Written by Megan Murray

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House of Hackney’s vintage-style wallpaper is trending, and we can see why. Lush and leafy, this aesthetic will bring a sense of grandeur to your home. Here’s five ways to get the look for yourself.

House of Hackney’s eccentric prints have long given the brand a unique place in the interiors world.

Gaudy florals (that would look at home in your nan’s bedroom if House of Hackney didn’t make them so damn cool), rose-tinted dinosaurs and illustrated depictions of the zodiac are all part of the imaginative range that have made this homeware brand a cult favourite.

Although you can get these patterns on cushions, lamps, curtains and more – it’s the wallpaper range that has really made House of Hackney famous. In fact, searches for House of Hackney wallpaper have spiked in lockdown, when many of us are thinking about what home renovations we can take on while staying inside. 

Of all the gorgeous designs to choose from, though, there’s one pattern that has become synonymous with the homeware store – the leafy, green Palmeral print.

There are two variations on the design, one originally inspired by Loddiges, once the world’s largest palm house, evoking a sense of lush grandeur of days gone by. The second is an Art Deco-inspired design which nods to Palm Springs in the 1930s – how heavenly.

This iconic wallpaper comes in two sizes and colours (off-white and midnight) but if you’re keen to get this trending look and would like to see what else is out there, we’ve found five alternatives that will make your walls look gorgeous too. 

From busy, tropical designs to blush-pink palm prints, here’s some of the best leafy wallpapers out there to make this selling fast trend yours.

  • Palmeral wallpaper

    Vintage palm wallpaper: House of Hackney

    This is just one of the six Palmeral designs that House of Hackney has dreamed up, including those featuring bleached blue tones and moody midnight-coloured backgrounds. 

    This off-white and green medley, though, feels like a classic which is why we love it so much. Make it your own and you won’t ever regret it. 

    Shop Palmeral wallpaper at House of Hackney, from £125 per roll 

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  • Jungle blush wallpaper

    Vintage palm wallpaper: Graham & Brown

    Graham & Brown stocks a huge selection of leaf and plant-inspired wallpapers, so its online store is definitely worth looking around. 

    We love this pattern because of the pink and green clash, and the way it seems to fade in and out of focus. 

    Shop Jungle blush wallpaper at Graham & Brown, £60 per roll

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  • Alfresco palm leaf wallpaper

    Vintage palm wallpaper: Bay Isle Home

    This eye-catching print comes in four on-trend colours so you can work the palm trend for your home’s decor theme. 

    From the vibrant green shown above, to a cool blue, neutral taupe and chic grey, see what feels most ‘you’. We advise being quick, though, as these styles seem to be fast-selling. 

    Shop Alfresco palm leaf wallpaper at Wayfair, from £16.99

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  • Fanned Fronds wallpaper

    Vintage palm wallpaper: Anthropologie

    We’re huge fans of Anthropologie’s artist collaborations, which offer something a little bit special in addition to the store’s already gorgeous online selection. 

    And there’s no exception with this colourful wallpaper, which is screen printed and made especially to order.

    Shop Fanned Fronds wallpaper at Anthropologie, £108 per roll 

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  • Palma Tropical wallpaper

    Vintage palm wallpaper: I Love Wallpaper

    Palms, palms and more palms – this jam-packed wallpaper certainly adheres to the trend, so it gets a big thumbs up from us.

    Some of the leaves even have a light dusting of glitter to make this design extra special.

    Shop Palma Tropical wallpaper at I Love Wallpaper, from £17

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  • Palm Leaves wallpaper

    Vintage palm wallpaper: Cole & Son

    Cole & Sons is a great source if you like the botanical look on your walls, with a range that spans all sorts of fauna and flora. 

    The brand describes this pattern as ‘retro cool’ which we have to agree with, and it comes in a plethora of shades.

    Shop Palm Leaves wallpaper at Design Wallpaper, £85 per roll

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Images: Courtesy of brands

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