How about watching the Northern Lights in bed from a see-through forest bubble?

The nights are drawing in and the temperature is slowly sliding down, which means we’re on the march towards winter.

But rather than seeing out the cold in your squalid little flat, why not embrace the season fully by staying in a see-through bubble…on Iceland’s Golden Circle?

The Buubble Hotel – AKA The 5 Million Star Hotel – has two sites, each made up of nine luxury bubbles. One is situated on the Golden Circle while the other sits on the south coast.

Each bubble has a comfy bed and a stack of blankets for keeping you toasty as you lie back and take in nature at its most spendid.

In the winter, you can look forward to seeing the northern lights while being surrounded by snowy forest, In summer, you can bask in the midnight sun as birds and butterflies flit around you.

Each bubble fits two people and you can choose between a bubble set on a wooden platform or on some raised metal legs. They’re fully heated, bug-free and fitted with charging sockets. There’s no WiFi, so you can totally switch off and reconnect with nature…and your bedfellow. Kitchen and bathrooms are a short walk away in a communal house.

Want to get the most of your stay? Book onto a tour to see some of Iceland’s most magnificent sites, including waterfalls, hot springs and black sand beaches.

Prices start from 23,900 ISK (£130) a night.

Suddenly, winter doesn’t seem so bad.

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