How to clean mirrors without streaks

Mirrors accumulate dust, dirt, and sometimes limescale or calcium, very quickly. Sometimes when you try to scrub the mirror clean, you end up with a streaky mess. reveals how to wipe your mirror sparkling clean.

How to clean mirrors without streaks

The dirt on your mirror may be more than dirt, it could be a type of grime such as limescale and calcium deposits.

These more stubborn spots need to be treated before you come to water stains.

Calcium deposits look like white, rough spots and can be removed with white vinegar.

Limescale is a milky white colour and more difficult to remove.

You’ll need lemon juice, pickling vinegar, or lime juice in your arsenal to take care of limescale.

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So what material do you use to wipe the mirror?

You can use cloths or thick kitchen towels to do the job.

A microfibre cloth is the best option, since it won’t cause any scratches or leave lint.

Once you’ve dealt with limescale and calcium, it’s time to clean the rest of the mirror’s surface.

All you need to clean a mirror is strong kitchen paper towel, a cleaning spray, and a mirror cleaning spray.

Using kitchen towel avoids the smudging that comes with cloths or sponges.

Grease and grime is often transferred from these materials, making disposable kitchen paper a better option.

If you don’t have a mirror cleaning spray, try a mixture of vinegar and water in equal parts.

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Start with the mirror frame first and work from the outside in.

This will avoid transferring dirt when you clean the glass.

Use a cleaning spray that works with the frame material, such as a glass cleaning spray or a wood cleaning spray.

Spray a tiny bit onto a damp piece of kitchen paper, and wipe the frame all over.

Make sure you get into the corners and edges of the frame.

Use a damp piece of kitchen towel to wipe the mirror clean before using any product.

This will get rid of any big chunks of dirt and grime.

Once you’ve done that, you can get your mirror to sparkle without leaving any smudges using a mirror cleaning spray or vinegar solution.

Spray the cleaner on the mirror, and use a sheet of dry kitchen paper to wipe the surface.

Clean the mirror from top to bottom and then side to side, rather than working in circles.

Cleaning in a circular motion will cause streaking.

Have a look at the mirror from different angles to spot any remaining streaks.

If you see any, repeat the process until your mirror is perfect.

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