I cant afford heating – so turned my home into what looks like a Saw trap

Trying to dry your clothes in the winter months can be an absolute nightmare.

And with the cost of living crisis continuing, many might not want to rack up the heating bill to dry their socks, tops and pants.

But, in order to get the contents of their drawers and wardrobe dry, this one Brit decided to get a little creative with their laundry.

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After they claimed that just 10 minutes of heating cost them a whopping £34, the self-proclaimed 'DIY queen' made a rather large contraption across their home to avoid whacking on the boiler.

Although, their indoor washing line-type invention might have been more nightmarish than the sky-high heating bill. They took to TikTok to show off their 'horror' drying hack that has now gone viral.

In a TikTok clip which featured the theme from Saw, the Brit shared: "POV [point of view], you can't afford heating so you have to turn the flat into what is essentially a fire hazard Saw trap to dry your clothes."

In what they said to be similar to a challenge set in the horror film franchise, the 'DIY queen' attached several lines in their home – including the door and kitchen cupboard – so they could hang up their clothes.

But, it certainly would require some professional limbo!

"I just want to speak with whoever decided that 10 minutes of heating would be £34," the TikTok user urged in the video that has racked up over 500,000 views. Then claimed: "My heating is £34 for 10 minutes. My EPC thing is rated at E, literally the lowest it can go by law [for landlords]."

"I’m like a circus person manoeuvring around the flat."

Many people took to the comments with potential laundry drying hacks, other than creating a 'Saw' trap. Others could relate to the TikTok user's interesting technique.

One person commented: "Use a clothes horse and buy a small dehumidifier from Amazon (around £30-£40). It dries quicker and helps with mould growth by taking the damp air out."

Another user related: "Haha same, honestly though the drying racks are so bulky, I do this in my hall."

While a third voiced: "I can’t afford heating either but I have a heated drying rack, works amazing. Cheap to run and costs about £50."

Someone else shared: "Did this the other day was like spider man getting back out, things will get easier."

Meanwhile, a fifth urged: "When you can afford it, I recommend a clothes horse, much easier."

And this user said: "Get a moisture absorber or a dehumidifier. Loads of my stuff got mouldy because of drying stuff indoors like this."

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