Im obese and weigh 25st but want to be bigger – I wont stop until Im 54st

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    A man who refers to himself as “overgrown prized livestock” is on an extreme weight gain journey – and he finds it incredibly kinky.

    Bryan Steel, 46, from Florida in the US, has even started an OnlyFans account to show off his fattening stomach to his loyal followers.

    When he started his transformation he weighed 13 stone – now he weighs 25 stone and continues to grow.

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    The writer’s goal is to hit 54 stone and he won’t stop until he gets there.

    Bryan eats a minimum of 12,000 calories on weekdays to achieve his goals – and on weekends he consumes even more.

    He exclusively told Daily Star: “Growth is too incredible an activity to not be turned on by. Being encouraged, fed, and grown is extremely kinky and I love it.

    “However, beyond the kink and fetish, it takes a lifestyle of commitment to actually achieve the goals. Gaining size is a real challenge and it takes daily discipline to keep it up.”

    And he's written in his OnlyFans bio: “It takes more and more food to satisfy my urge to push the limits of human consumption and growth and I have no choice but to use all funds from subscribers to enable my obsessive need to balloon. Join to teach this cocky bull a lesson about greed.”

    Bryan mainly consumes food for the calorie amount but he also uses mass shakes to help him pack on the stones.

    While he does eat a lot of junk food, he also tries to balance it out with nutritious foods to stay as healthy as possible.

    He told us: “I like a big variety of foods, it helps me eat more when eating so much on a daily basis. My day usually contains three or four large meals with snacks and more shakes on gym days.”

    Bryan has a consistent workout routine and is always watching new videos for the best tips on nutrition and health.

    He also follows up with his doctor twice a year to keep up on top of his health so he doesn’t have any issues sneaking up on him.

    While Bryan is achieving his weight gain dreams, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without complications.

    “For me, the most challenging aspect of growth is outgrowing general life normals. Clothing, vehicles, even furniture are all gauges of progress and outgrowing them can come at unexpected times,” he said.

    “Things like restaurant booths and theme parks are impossible for me now and I don’t fit in certain vehicles.

    “But it’s all part of the process, there’s going to have to be trade-offs and it’s important to understand that.”

    Even though people may have concerns over Bryan’s choices, he chooses not to listen to them.

    “The people who troll are unhappy with their own lives and think attacking others or putting others down will make them feel better about themselves,” he said.

    “This is unfortunate but it’s their choice. I suggest never listening to trolls. They only exist to try to make you as miserable as they are.”

    While he may have to encounter trolls from time to time, Bryan said the community he has created online is incredibly supportive.

    His friends and family have also shown their love as he said they just want him to be happy.

    The fact he regularly sees a doctor helps to give them peace of mind.

    “There’s always going to be people questioning goals that are extreme but at the end of the day, it’s about love and support. I’m very lucky to have that support at home,” he explained.

    “Overwhelmingly support for my growth has been positive and supportive. Honestly, I wouldn’t even be as big as I am today if it weren’t for [my followers] support.

    “So many people have not only come out supporting my growth goals but have become invested in making me even bigger, either through following my OnlyFans or meeting up in person to help.

    “We can all achieve amazing things when we work together and support each other's goals. Don’t waste time on stuff you’re not into and focus on the stuff you’re passionate about … I’m passionate about seeing just how big I can physically get.”

    The writer has been obsessed with weight gain ever since he was a kid as he was fascinated by larger cartoon characters.

    He explained that the decision to gain weight has always been a natural urge for him.

    “I never actually decided it as much as it was a natural desire to be bigger,” he shared.

    “It started when I was very young, as early as six seeing cartoons or TV shows with characters bulking up huge, inflating, or eating so much they ballooned.

    “In my teens, I was lean and started working out. It wasn’t long before I realised working out alone wasn’t going to get me the results I wanted so I started eating bigger to grow my body thicker, especially my belly.”


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