Im secretly bonking mates brother – she thinks hes an angel but hes wild

I’m sleeping with a gorgeous man, but I know my best friend won’t approve.

In fact, she’ll hit the roof. The problem is that I’m secretly seeing her adored brother, the golden boy of the family. The one who went to the posh university and once met the late Queen.

But there is no way that my mate will consider me good enough to lick his boots – let alone anything else…

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I’ve known the family for years and when she talks about him, it’s with a hushed reverence. If only she knew what he is like behind closed doors – the man is an animal and we get on so well.

We got together six months ago after bumping into each other during a business conference.

He was as bored as I was and we hit the bar. Hours later we were up in his room ripping each other’s clothes off.

We discreetly meet in out-of-the-way restaurants and spend steamy nights at his city flat.

But I’m sick of hiding in the shadows. I’m too old for silly games. He says he doesn’t care about the family and we should go public, but I fear the backlash and condemnation.

I’m not a confident person and worry that my friend will rip me to shreds for daring to love above my station. She’ll accuse me of disloyalty and abusing my position with their family.

Needless to say, he is exasperated and embarrassed, but is mindful of my feelings. He says he’s happy to be guided by me, but I know that he won’t be the one she tears to shreds.

How do I square this with my friend without starting a row?

JANE SAYS: You’re adults you can do anything you like. Why does anything have to be run past your friend?

How come you’re good enough to be her mate but not her sister-in-law? What make her so superior? Has she made a habit of talking down to you over the years?

She needs to have it pointed out to her that her brother is an individual in his own right.

She may not approve of you sleeping with someone from within her family, but that’s too bad.

The truth is that you won’t be able to keep this relationship a secret for ever because someone will spot you in the end and word will get out.

Talk to your boyfriend today and work out the best way forwards. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied or intimidated because too much time and energy have already been wasted in the shadows.

But I do advise a word of caution. Is this man worthy of you? If he comes from a snobby, opinionated family are you sure he’s not just another chip off the old block?

If his sister is snobby and vile, are you sure that he’s not (secretly) too? Just checking.

Never forget that you’re just as good as the next person and that no one has the right to shut you up or put you down.


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