Influencer claims her Instagram was deactivated after 3-way romance complaints

An influencer who's in a three-way relationship with a married couple claims her Instagram account was deactivated after her unconventional lifestyle attracted a number of complaints.

Natalia Bezerra da Silva, 26, along with lawyer Graziela Veras Parriao Lustosa, 31, and businessman Diogo Matheus Simon, 33, recently revealed that they were in a 'throuple' and were all living under the same roof.

The Brazilian trio only created their own Instagram page weeks ago, but they have managed to amass 58,700 followers to date.

Their bio reads: "Three people who decided to live a free love."

However, their 'coming out' as a throuple did not go entirely to plan.

Natalia claims she had her own Instagram account deactivated, after her unorthodox lifestyle choice did not go down well with her 59,000 followers.

The two-time beauty pageant winner, said: "My account wasn't hacked. In fact, Instagram itself deactivated my account because of the number of complaints due to the impact 'Vivendo a Tres' had."

Vivendo a Tres roughly translates as 'Living as a Trio' and is the name of the throuple's Instagram page.

Natalia continued: "Because of the impact, the traditional Brazilian family wanted to bring down my Instagram and they started to report it. But thank God I've got it back."

Natalia's account, which is her main source of income, was deactivated at 7pm on Sunday, 27th March, but she says she got it back with the help of an expert in social media protection at midday on Monday.

Daily Star has contacted Instagram for comment.

Talking about Vivendo a Tres, Natalia had previously said: "The goal is to take people out of their comfort zone, to show that yes, it is possible to live this free love, without prejudice, and that life is breezier when you can be yourself."

The goal of the social media page was to share snapshots from the throuple's everyday life and also to reveal to the trio's followers what it is like to live in a three-way relationship.

Graziela and Diogo have been married for 15 years, having met when they were just teens at school.

But in 2020, they took a friend's advice and decided to spice up their relationship by inviting another woman into the fold.

Graziela said: "A friend made a joke asking if I would be brave enough to have a relationship with another woman. I said yes at the time.

"Then, I went to Diogo and said, 'damn, I think I actually want to have this experience'. Diogo liked the idea, and that's how it started."

And along came Natalia.

Natalia and Diogo knew each other via mutual friends and they had often bumped into each other on nights out in the city of Palmas, in the Brazilian state of Tocantins, where they live.

The couple began to flirt with Natalia, who was resistant at first.

Natalia said: "It wasn't something I was used to, and there was another aggravating factor: they were married. I was scared to say something they would take the wrong way and end our friendship. I was reticent."

However, the couple's efforts paid off, and they became a throuple on 5th October 2020.

Graziela said: "We haven't been apart since."

The three now live under the same roof, split the household chores, the bills, and, of course, the love, evenly between them.

Graziela said: "One question that came up was whether my marriage was breaking down and that's why there's a third person. But, actually, no; my marriage is so healthy that it was possible to add a third person without ruining it."

The throuple said they took a while to pluck up the courage to tell their respective families.

Graziela said: "Above all, my family are a bit more traditional. I was very insecure and, because of this, we took a while longer. The three of us wanted to live as a throuple, post photos together, show our routine, but there was my family. But everyone is at peace now."

Diogo concluded: "In a normal, monogamous relationship, as Graziela and I had before, we were always each other's friend, partner, accomplice for everything, as it should be. And the best thing about being a throuple is that now each of us has this doubled."

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