Inside My Mum, Your Dad Janeys incredible double life as a singer as she goes public with Roger

Finding love as a single parent isn’t always easy, as viewers will have discovered while tuning into runaway dating show hit My Mum, Your Dad earlier this month.

In a welcome change from the usual dating shows inundating our screens, the ITV series captured the hearts of viewers when it helped several single parents to find love again.

Among the couples to find love on the show, were Roger Hawes and Janey Smith, who got off to a tentative start when Roger revealed he was still grieving the loss of his wife Joanna, as she had died just 18 months prior to the show.

The 59 year old from Derbyshire shared the tragic story, saying she went to sleep one night and never woke up again – however, despite his reservations, Roger soon found he shared a spark of potential with gorgeous blond Janey Smith during the course of the two week series.

A spark that appears to have blossomed into something more substantial as Roger later revealed that he and Janey were still dating several months after the show had ended.

Yet while the couple’s romance has since hit the spotlight, one aspect of Janey’s life away from our TV screens that may have escaped fans attention, is that the single mum is also a talented and highly versatile singer!

The surprising talent was mentioned briefly ahead of Janey's debut on My Mum, Your Dad, but it wasn’t until after the show had ended that fans began to become more aware of her impressive skills on social media, where she often shares her performances.

A trained vocalist and songwriter, Janey performs under the stage name Janey Bombshell and even has her own YouTube channel to showcase her skills, which includes everything from belting out great 70s inspired Glam rock tunes through to crooning her way through soulful ballads.

Janey even released her debut album Rocka-Roll-Around all the way back in 2013, a full ten years before she went searching for love on MMYD.

Throughout her music career, Janey has continued to play for live audiences at multiple venues around the UK, including Leicester’s very own O2 Academy, and at The Stables in Milton Keynes.

Reflecting on what it means to perform, Janey previously told her fans: “If you’re ever lucky enough to do what you love, keep doing it.”

“I genuinely am at my happiest on stage. I come alive and truly believe it’s my happy place, to entertain is a blessing and for people to spend their hard earned money to come and watch, well that’s amazing.”

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