Inside Prince Charles' office at Birkhall

Prince Charles keeps family close as he works from home: Snap of the study at Birkhall shows the royal surrounded by a photo of Prince George, his grandchildren’s artwork and a portrait of the Queen Mother that takes pride of place

  • Prince Charles, 71, spoke with Alan Titchmarsh for an interview with Classic Fm 
  • Snap of the virtual interview was shared on  the Clarence House Instagram 
  • Shows the prince sitting in his study at Birkhall, his home on the Balmoral estate
  • He is surrounded by books including titles on philosophy and tropical plants
  • And photos of grandson Archie, the Queen, Prince Philip and the Queen Mother 

A snap shared of Prince Charles during an interview yesterday has offered royal fans another glimpse of the royal’s Scottish home.  

The photograph, posted on the Clarence House Instagram account, shows the Prince of Wales, 71, sitting at his desk at Birkhall, his home on the Queen’s Balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire, as he spoke with Alan Titchmarsh for a Classic FM yesterday.

While the study has been seen in several images and videos of Prince Charles as he works from home during lockdown, it is not thought the study has been seen from this angle before.

It offers a glimpse into the private life of the prince and the objects and personal treasures he holds dear.

The prince pays tributes to his family with several framed photographs of Camilla, the Queen Mother and a separate snap of a baby, thought to be his youngest grandson Prince George, now six. 

Meanwhile the room also features a series of rainbow paintings, thought to have been crafted by his grandchildren Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two. 

Charles’ favourite things: 1. Prince George photograph; 2. Paintings from his grandchildren; 3. Portrait of Camilla; 4. Photograph of the Queen Mother; 5. Religious token of Mary, Joseph and Jesus; 6. Personalised stationery; 7. Fancy iPad set-up; 8. Gold leaf ornaments; 9. Huge stack of CDs and CD player; 11. Large green leaf plant

1. Photograph of Prince George

Pride and joy: A glimpse of a baby photo is visible to the left of Prince Charles.  It is thought to be of Prince George, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s son

On the side board to the left of Prince Charles, there is a large framed photograph of a young blonde boy, wearing red shorts and a white to. 

While it is difficult to see the face of the child, Prince George is known to have worn this outfit on the day of his sister Princess Charlotte’s christening in 2015.

2. Rainbow paintings from the grandchildren 

There are several paintings of rainbows decorating the sideboard of Charles’ study. These are believed to have been painted by Prince George, six, and Princess Charlotte, five 

There are a host of rainbow paintings to the left of Prince Charles, which are thought to have been crafted by Prince Charles’ grandchildren, Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two. 

Kate Middleton, 38, shared snaps of Prince Louis painting rainbows to celebrate the NHS for his second birthday earlier this year. 

Millions of children across the UK have been painting the rainbows, which have been springing up in windows across the country after schools closed in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

They originated in Italy and quickly spread to the UK, where they are seen as a message of hope and something fun for children spot on their daily hour of exercise.

3. Camilla portrait

Among the photographs decorating Prince Charles’ desk is a black-and-white snap of his wife Camilla wearing a headscarf

Among the photographs on Prince Charles’ desk are several snaps of his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall. 

One of the largest images is a black-and-white portrait of Camilla wearing a headscarf. It is unknown when the photograph was taken. 

Camilla was worn headscarfs on several royal tours, including in Saudi Arabia in 2013 and Abu Dhabi in 2016.

4. Photograph of the Queen Mother

Another image on the desk is a photograph of the Queen Mother, whom Prince Charles enjoyed a close relationship with 

Another image taking pride-of-place on Prince Charles’ desk is a snap of his grandmother, the Queen Mother. 

Prince Charles as spoken openly of his affection for his ‘magical’ grandmother, with whom he once said he enjoyed the closest family relationship. 

From his earliest years, she was a constant, guiding force in his life. She acted as his counsellor, confidante and mentor, advising him in both private and state matters. 

5. Religious token of Mary, Joseph and Jesus

Tucked in front of the family portraits is a small religious token, a piece of Christian artwork of Mary, Joseph and Jesus 

Alongside the photographs on the desk is a small religious token – a portrait of Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

Prince Charles has taken a deep interest in religions over the years, including Christianity.

He has attended Catholic masses and has studied Judaism as well as Islam. 

The Prince also admires the Orthodox Church, and has made regular spiritual retreats to stay in the monasteries of Mount Athos, the Greek republic run by 2,000 monks. 

6. Charles personal stationery with green letterhead 

Alongside the papers strewn across the desk was a letter stand, in which the royal’s personalised stationery could be seen 

Among the papers strewn across the desk is a letter stand, where the royal’s personalised stationery can be seen.

As well as large note cards, envelopes can also be seen in the stand.  

7. Fancy iPad stand 

Prince Charles could be seen speaking with presenter Alan Titchmarsh over a video-call, balancing his tablet on a new iPad stand, which has not been seen in previous photographs of his meetings throughout lockdown

In April, Prince Charles told how he was ‘enormously touched’ to have been asked to launch the 4,000-bed temporary facility at the ExCel convention centre in East via video-link from his Scottish home at Birkhall.

But some appeared distracted by the royal’s makeshift tablet stand after the royal balance his iPad on several boxes, with the help of some books to keep the tablet in place while he spoke.

At some point during the last two months, the royal has invested in an iPad stand to hold such virtual meetings. 

8. Gold or gold-plated desk ornaments

At the bottom right hand side of the frame are a number of desk ornaments. 

The restricted view makes them difficult to identify however one appears to be a covered dish with ornate vine detailing. It has been seen in previous photographs of the office, but from a different angle  

9. Stacks of CDs and CD player 

Prince Charles has often spoken about his love of music. In the window of the royal’s study, there is a with a CD-player and several large stacks of CD-roms 

In the window of Prince Charles’ study, a CD player and several large stacks of CD-roms can be seen. 

Prince Charles, who learnt the cello and trumpet at boarding school, has been vocal about the role music has played in his life, previously listing favourites ranging from classical composers to 1930s dance bands and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. 

The royal has often spoken about his love of classical music and spoke with Classic Fm about his passion in a lengthy interview last night.

During the interview, he revealed how his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, inspired his love of music. 

Prince Charles said he first became aware of the ‘inspirational’ performing arts when attending the Bolshoi Ballet’s The Fountain of Bakhchisarai in 1956.

Describing it as an unforgettable experience, the young prince attended the Covent Garden-based performance with his grandmother. 

 10. Large plants 

 In the corner of the study is a large green plant, with leaves bending into the royal’s study.

 A keen gardener, Charles has taken great pride in ‘enhancing’ the grounds that were lovingly cultivated by Birkhall’s previous resident, the Queen Mother. Speaking about the garden in a 2013 Country Life interview, Charles described it as a ‘special place’. 

11. Comfy green sofa

Behind Prince Charles’ desk is a set of large, comfortable-looking green sofa and a cosy armchair. 

It appears to offer a place in the room to relax and recline when not working at the desk, or perhaps a space to take meetings. 

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