Ivana Trump enjoys lunch after discussing Donald's COVID-19 battle

A smiling Ivana Trump models a snakeskin jacket as enjoys an alfresco lunch with friends in New York – one day after admitting she is ‘afraid’ about her ex-husband’s COVID-19 battle

  • Ivana, 71, was seen dining with friends in New York City on Sunday afternoon at Altesi, an Italian restaurant in her Upper East Side neighborhood 
  • The Czech-born businesswoman was bundled up in a black and white snakeskin print jacket, matching ballet flats, and a black scarf 
  • Ivana had a smile on her face as she dined with an unknown man and woman 
  • The day before, Ivana said she was ‘stressed’ and ‘afraid’ over President Donald Trump’s hospitalization following his COVID-19 diagnosis
  • The socialite did, however, blame her ex, saying: ‘He was careless’ 

Ivana Trump enjoyed an alfresco lunch with friends in New York City on Sunday, after admitting that she is ‘stressed’ and ‘afraid’ over her ex-husband Donald Trump’s COVID-19 hospitalization. 

The 71-year-old Czech-born businesswoman was bundled up in a black and white snakeskin print jacket and matching ballet flats as she stepped out of her Upper East Side townhouse and headed to Altesi, an Italian restaurant in her neighborhood. 

Ivana looked somber as she walked by herself, but she had a bright smile on her face when she sat down and started chatting with her lunch companions, an unknown man and woman. 

Out and about: Ivana Trump, 71, enjoyed an alfresco lunch with friends in New York City on Sunday afternoon 

Catching up: Ivana and her two pals ate at Altesi, an Italian restaurant in her Upper East Side neighborhood

The socialite was dressed for fall in her funky jacket, which she wore over a black top and matching black dress pants. 

She had a black scarf tied around her neck, but she also donned a long necklace and dangly earrings for the outing.  

Her platinum blonde hair was pulled back in her signature beehive with her bangs framing her perfectly made-up face. She sported thick black liner around her eyes and rosy-pink lipstick, her preferred beauty look in recent years.  

Ivana topped off the look with her beloved Lady Dior mini bag, which she carried in her right hand as she strolled to the restaurant. 

She was not, however, wearing a protective face mask when she went to meet her friends for lunch. The threesome was seen drinking Pellegrino as their masked server waited on them outside the eatery. 

Just one day before the outing, Ivana opened up about her concerns regarding President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and subsequent hospitalization. 

Ivana and President Trump, 74, share three children — Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump — whom she has been keeping in touch with for updates on her ex’s health. 

‘It’s a very difficult time,’ she said. ‘It’s a stress.’

President Trump was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday, just hours after he announced that he and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for coronavirus. 

Earlier this month, he admitted that he downplayed the threat of the deadly coronavirus pandemic in order not to cause a ‘panic.’ More than 210,000 people in the U.S. have died from COVID-19, while 7.3 million have been infected. 

Timing: The day before, Ivana said she was ‘stressed’ and ‘afraid’ over President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 hospitalization. She did, however, blame her ex, saying: ‘He was careless’

Opinion: Ivana met Trump at a modeling event in New York City in 1976, and they married in April 1977. They are pictured in 1989. They divorced a year later in 1990

Ivana told People that her ex-husband’s diagnosis came as a ‘shock’ because he’s ‘the cleanest, healthiest person.’   

‘Not healthiest with food, but very healthy otherwise — always washes his hands and always is careful,’ she explained. ‘His only weakness is food. He likes the Big Mac — it’s his biggest weakness.’ 

The former model blamed Trump, who hardly ever wore a mask and held large rallies and campaign events where attendees rarely covered their faces or socially distanced. 

‘He was careless,’ she said. ‘He didn’t think it would happen to him.’ 

Ivana added that she is ‘going to be afraid until he gets well and he gets out of it,’ but she doesn’t believe his illness will affect his re-election campaign. 

‘He will win,’ she said. ‘There’s no question about it.’ 

Stunt: Trump was driven by his supporters outside Walter Reed hospital on Sunday afternoon, prompting criticism from some for risking infecting his Secret Service agents 

While Ivana dined with friends on Sunday afternoon, Trump made the surprise appearance outside Walter Reed hospital when he was driven by supporters who had turned out with signs, flags, and banners. 

His appearance prompted criticism from some, including a Walter Reed doctor, who said it was irresponsible of Trump to get into the Presidential SUV with the Secret Service agents and risk infecting them. 

The White House insisted that the journey was safe and was cleared by Trump’s doctors. Some Secret Service agents have since described Trump’s hospital drive-by as reckless for putting his security detail at risk of contracting COVID-19 and said the two agents wouldn’t have been able to say no.  

At least two of Trump’s Secret Service detail are facing 14 days of isolation after traveling in a sealed car with the infected president during the motorcade stunt. 

On Monday morning, President Trump sent out a stream of tweets urging people to vote for him in the upcoming election. 

Anonymous aides said he has grown tired of watching the constant news coverage of his health, and he wants to leave Walter Reed and resume a full working schedule from the White House. 

Support: Trump supporters are pictured outside Walter Reed on Monday morning. There has been a strong presence outside the hospital since Trump was admitted on Friday night

Early bird: On Monday morning, President Trump sent out a stream of tweets urging people to vote for him in the upcoming election

One source cited by CNN said: ‘He is done with the hospital’ and is concerned about the toll his ongoing treatment for COVID-19 might have on his election chances.

Trump thinks being in the hospital makes him look ‘weak’, the source said.

It comes amid claims that President Trump knew he had tested positive with the virus on Thursday night but kept it secret during an interview on Fox.

Other sources cited by The Washington Post said he is s bored of staying at Walter Reed and is tired of watching round-the-clock news coverage of his condition.

He is desperate to get back to work in the White House but aides are concerned if he leaves too early, it may be more detrimental to his health.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on Monday insisted to Fox News that Trump was in good health and made ‘good progress.’ Meadows said he was ‘optimistic’ that President Trump would be discharged from the hospital on Monday.

Meadows said that a decision would be made this afternoon on whether or not Trump will be discharged but that more consultations were needed.

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