Ivanka Trump’s body language ‘wary’ as she holds ‘important role’ in Donald’s presidency

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Ivanka Trump is the eldest daughter of Donald Trump and one of his senior political advisors. What does her body language show about their relationship?

Donald is the father of four children, Donald Jr, 42, Ivanka, Eric, 36, Tiffany, 26, and Barron, 14.

When he became President in 2017, Ivanka took on a role as one of his senior political advisors.

The pair have worked closely together over this time and Ivanka will often travel with her father for political events.

While working in the White House, the mother-of-three has also attended events by herself.

The Trump’s are often photographed together and Ivanka is not shy of cameras, having formerly had a career as a model.

Analysing pictures of Ivanka, body language expert Judi James explained why she may have looked wary during previous outings.

She told Express.co.uk: “Ivanka looks like a woman under pressure to look smart and glamorous and the rather rigid pose suggests she’s wary of relaxing and being herself.

“Her knees are bent as she walks, creating another look straight from the red carpets and her arms are straight and apparently clamped to her sides, suggesting self-consciousness.

“Her smile appears to be slightly rigid too, hinting at a desire to get everything right.”

Despite potential nerves at some events, Judi suggested she has become more confident since Donald joined the White House.

She continued: “Her look seems to be morphing into one that is more about business than beauty queen.

“The direct, amused eye-gaze and the more relaxed gesticulation and communication with her audience suggests Ivanka is learning to relax.”

When Donald and Ivanka are seen together, Judi claimed their body language shows her importance to his role.

She continued: “There seems to be an emphatic sense of ‘public’ posing between Trump and Ivanka, defining them as something of a ‘power duo’ and reflecting the important role Ivanka holds in the President’s White House team.

“It’s a dynastic look, with some frequent mirroring between them to suggest like-minded thinking in professional scenarios and the respect looks as mutual as the affection.

“The way Trump holds out her hand in both of his in the last shot seems to signal this idea of him displaying a direct heir that he trusts, promotes and endorses.”

Not only does Ivanka seem to be important to Donald’s political career, his body language could suggest his genuine pride in his daughter.

“Donald’s wreathed smiles show pride and the feeling seems to be that if you upset Ivanka you also upset Trump,” the expert added.

“It’s a glitzy, glamorous look with both proud to be in the other’s company.”

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