Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner Reveal 'Perfect' Name of Baby Boy on the Way

Jamie Otis and husband Doug Hehner have landed on a name for their son.

On Tuesday, the Married at First Sight couple announced that they "finally agreed" on the "perfect" name for the baby boy on the way: Hayes. Otis and Hehner unveiled the name through a game of Hangman, with their daughter Henley Grace, 2, guessing letters until she spelled out her soon-to-be brother's name.

"My whole pregnancy we’ve been going back & forth with names for this little guy," wrote Otis, 33, on Instagram, sharing a photo of the moment they revealed the name.

Otis — who is 38 weeks pregnant — explained that it was "so easy" to choose her daughter's name because it "has so much meaning."

"When Doug and I were married at first sight I thought my new stranger hubby’s last name was Henley. We laughed and said if we ever 'make it' we’d use that name," wrote Otis. "And Grace is the perfect middle name bc after losing her big brother Johnathan I sank into such a dark place. RIP sweet boy."

Added Otis: "She really was & is my saving Grace. So yeah, we pretty much knew her name before she even came to be!"

This time, however, the mom said it was "a bit more difficult" to decide on a name. She explained that she and Hehner like "H names" and she initially wanted to pay tribute to her long-lost father, as well, but decided against that.

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"We really like the idea of having H names, but when I found my father through a DNA test (after not knowing him for my whole life) I wanted to honor my dad in some way," Otis wrote. "I never got the chance to meet him – I found him just a couple months after he passed."

She continued: "After getting to know that side of my family & really falling in love with them, I seriously wanted to incorporate his family name – what would have been my last name – in our son’s name. Rogan. What a great name, right?!⁣ But we decided against it."

After discussing it "for a long time," Otis said using Rogan would have been "too much too soon" since she is still getting to know her family.

"I only just met them and my brothers aren’t quite comfortable with me- I haven’t even met them yet. … Maybe it would be too intense for them?" she wrote. "And that’s honestly the last thing I would want.⁣"

⁣She added: "WE ARE SO EXCITED TO FINALLY HAVE A NAME FOR THIS SWEET BOY! Now, I can’t wait to see his face! SOON! So soon!" ⁣

In a recent Instagram post, Otis posed in the same two-piece swimsuit she wore when pregnant with her daughter, comparing her two pregnancies and her anxious mindset awaiting her new addition to the family.

"I SWEAR I am way bigger this time, but I don’t know if you can see in these pics?⁣" she wrote in the caption, adding: "Even with all the discomfort (Hemerrhroids are huge, back & hips are in constant pain, can’t sleep, pee all the time….) I’m still not 'ready' for him to come! I never felt 'ready' for Gracie either. Does anyone ever feel *READY* for their baby to come?!!"

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