Jill Biden blasted for tweeting during the Coronation ceremony

First Lady Jill Biden has sparked outrage for tweeting during King Charles’ Coronation ceremony. 

Jill is currently representing the US in London today by attending the crowing ceremony of King Charles at Westminster Abbey, while her husband President Joe Biden has been criticised for refusing an invitation to the event.

Donald Trump who may potentially be President Biden’s rival in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, has spoken out about the President’s absence.

Mr Trump said: “[Biden] should be here as our representative of our country. I was very surprised, I think it’s very disrespectful for him not to be here.”

However, Jill has also drawn some criticism for posting on Twitter during the sacred ceremony, as a tweet appeared on her Twitter account just one hour after King Charles’ Coronation had already started.

The tweet was in response to President Biden who had taken to social media to praise the First Lady for being at the Coronation.

President Biden wrote: “Congratulations to King Charles III and Queen Camilla on their Coronation. The enduring friendship between the U.S. and the U.K. is a source of strength for both our peoples.

“I am proud the First Lady is representing the United States for this historic occasion.”

Jill responded to her husband and tweeted out during the Coronation: “The United States and the United Kingdom have a special relationship. It’s an honour to represent the United States on this historic day at Westminster Abbey.”

People quickly took to social media to question why the First Lady’s social media was active during such an important royal event.

A popular comment said: “You shouldn’t be tweeting during the ceremony” while another person replied: “Are you tweeting during the ceremony?!”

A third person wrote: “Ma’am are you tweeting from the Abbey?” while somebody else wrote: “It is highly disrespectful to tweet from a Church!”

One user added: “Are you allowed to text during the ceremony? Will that not make the British mad?”

However, other people have defended the First Lady, as one other popular comment said: “Grow up folks, You all know it is a staffer back in DC. This is all been planned for once Charles is crowned.”

Somebody else wrote: “It is clearly a member of her staff tweeting! You all need to behave yourselves.”

Another person said: “I love our First Lady! She is there showing America at its best and being classy while doing so. Everyone hating in the comments does not know what they’re talking about.”

No US President has ever attended a British Coronation, which has made Jill and her granddaughter Finnegan Biden the first relatives of a President to attend such a royal occasion.

The First Lady’s Secteary, Vanessa Valdivia, has spoken out about how Jill’s attendance can improve relations with the UK, and said: “The First Lady is honoured to represent the United States for this historic moment and celebrate the special relationship between the United States and the U.K.

“Her attendance reinforces the strong and enduring ties with one of our closest allies.”

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