Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Are Clearly Keeping Up with Hilarious Kardashians Parody Video

The couple recreates a scene from "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and it is beautifully subdued absurdity.

The Kardashians may be temporarily off the air ahead of their upcoming debut on Hulu, but that hasn’t stopped Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner from keeping up with the first family of reality television.

We have no idea why the couple chose such an innocuous clip from E!’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” to parody, but we are definitely still loving it.

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Perhaps it’s the absurdity of the conversation captured between Kim and Khloe. Perhaps its the understated conviction with with both Joe and Sophie slid so seamlessly into their respective roles as the famous siblings.

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The clip itself was Khloe explaining to her sister, “I’m so jet lagged from Australia.” Joe perfectly underplayed Khloe’s flat delivery with his dour expression.

Not even looking up as Kim, Sophie nailed that distracted disinterest as Kim replied, “You are? Why?” But it’s the extra detail that really got us as the audio also included the sound of Kim typing away on her phone.

But rather than typing up a message, Sophie was just hammering down on the middle word in the auto suggest feature that has become the central feature of so many silly Facebook games.

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And so, the fact that she was so intently focused on her phone while doing nothing but tapping the same spot on her screen over and over somehow made the whole exchange even funnier.

That moment was even funnier than the “punchline,” such as it is with Khloe’s daft response, “Because I just came back from Australia.” Or is it that Kim’s question was daft because Khloe had already answered it in her first statement?

Honestly, we’re still laughing at Sophie tapping away on her phone. Gold star for added content!

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