Julien Boudet Subverts Pop Culture Products in "Tout est Bleu" Artworks

After launching special edition prints with Stems Gallery, acclaimed French street photographer and artist Julien Boudet returns with a new solo exhibition with the gallery. Although Boudet is known for his fashion imagery developed using medium format film cameras, the artist also specializes in the medium of sculpture as he presents a range of diverse three-dimensional pieces that blur the boundaries of consumerism, technology, culture, and media.

Entitled “Tout est Blue,” Boudet’s works explore the duality between real and fake with the vivid batch of pieces presented at the gallery. The works on display include highly-saturated portraits taken during his travels across the globe alongside minimalist and abstract sculptures such as the front of a dirt bike mounted on a wall, a Yamaha racing jacket with metal beams piercing through its silhouette and deconstructed Nike sneakers entangled in industrial chains.

“A new series is presented that were taken in Morocco and Dubai, open countries where traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic was not restricted. Boudet investigates the influence of Western consumerism on Mediterranean culture, in which several renowned icons from street culture are revisited and projected on distorted luxury cars,” described the gallery in a statement.

Check out the installation views for “Tout est Bleu” in the slideshow above and then visit Stems Gallery’s website to learn more. The exhibition is on view until February 13.

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Stems Gallery
Rue du Prince Albert 4, 1050
Ixelles, Belgium
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