Kardashian sisters transformations unveiled 17 years after KUWTK first aired

The Kardashian family are arguably the most famous family in the world, having risen to fame on their reality television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians when it launched back in 2007.

The sisters are all successful in their own right, having made themselves established careers in fashion, modelling, makeup, skin care and wellness.

Speculations around the famous family’s faces have circulated for years and many have wondered whether their good looks are down to fortunate genetics, or whether they may have had help from cosmetic surgery.

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Although nothing can be confirmed unless the sisters say it themselves, Dr Dany Kayle – founder of Dr Kayle Aesthetic Clinic, Dubai – has weighed in on the Kardashian’s gorgeous features and has provided his professional opinion on how their stunning looks can be achieved.


Mother-of-four Kim has a busy lifestyle and loves nothing more than pouring her heart and soul into her many business ventures.

The Kardashian sister, who previously worked for Paris Hilton, owns a shapewear brand and has recently dipped her toes into the world of skincare.

In Dr Kayle’s opinion, Kim may have “undergone several procedures to refine her appearance”.

He said that she has “admitted to having her hairline resculpted” to “remove baby hairs”.

Kayle also noted that when she “first hit the spotlight,” the influencer’s skin was “not blemish free” and it is “likely she has had laser treatment,” along with a procedure known as a “Vampire facial,” which she has “openly endorsed”.

Dr Kayle also said that her face is “more defined around the cheekbones,” which may indicate that Kim has had dermal fillers, potentially “along her jawline”.

He went on to say: “The skin on her forehead looks more taut and smooth than you would expect for someone in their forties, and so it is possible that she has had Botox injections to reduce the onset of wrinkles.”


The youngest Jenner sister is the makeup mogul of the family and has established herself as a world renowned cosmetics enthusiast.

Speculation has previously arisen over Kylie’s features and although she has admitted to having lip filler, the influencer may have also undergone other cosmetic procedures.

Dr Kayle gave his thoughts: “Her eyebrows appear to be more elevated than before, which could be due to Botox injections in her forehead and around the eye area.”

He explained that her “nose appears to be thinner and more refined,” which “could be due to a rhinoplasty,” while a similar jawline shape to Kylie’s “can be achieved with a chin implant and jawline shaving”.

Kylie is now a mum to a little girl Stormi and a son whose name she's yet to reveal.


Kendall’s career as a supermodel means that her gorgeous features are always under the spotlight.

She may have had some cosmetic procedures over the years and Dr Kayle gave his professional insight as to what she may have had done.

He explained: “To me, the two indications that Kendall may have spent time with a cosmetic doctor are the shape of her lips and the position of her eyebrows. Kendall’s lips look much fuller than they used to, which is something that can be achieved by filler injections.”

Dr Kayle also explained that her eyebrows appear “higher and more arched,” which is a look that can be achieved by “using Botox”.

Although fans have previously wondered whether Kendall has had a rhinoplasty, Dr Kayle suggested that the look “could be attributed to clever contouring”.


The star is known for her bold attitude and has a well established fashion brand called Good American, which is popular amongst big name celebrities such as Lizzo and Ashley Graham.

She also has striking features and Dr Kayle wondered whether the Kardashian sister has dabbled in cosmetic procedures.

He said: “In the past, Khloe has admitted to having a nose job, as well as injectable treatments but she has undergone a dramatic transformation suggesting she could have undergone more procedures.”

Kayle continued: “First of all, her eyes appear more open and there seems to be a larger distance between her upper eyelid and her eyebrow. This could have been achieved by Botox but it could also be due to an upper eyelid lift.”

Khloe is now a mum to daughter True and a son, which she is yet to name publically, via surrogacy.


The oldest Kardashian sister is a complete stunner and the mother-of-three shows no sign of losing her good looks any time soon.

The 43-year-old loves to take care of her skin and is a health and wellness buff, as evident of her youthful complexion.

Dr Kayle stresses that it is only an opinion, but that Kourtney “may have had a little Botox to keep the wrinkles at bay” and to “ensure the skin is smooth”.

He noted: “From pictures, you can see has lost some of the volume in her cheeks, a process that happens naturally as you age.”

Kourtney tied the knot to Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker earlier this year.


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