Katie Price’s son Junior doesn’t want another sibling as she plans sixth baby

Katie Price's son Junior confessed that he doesn't want another sibling during an interview with his dad Peter Andre in preparation for Father's Day.

The mother-of-five has been open about her plans to try for her sixth baby with Carl Woods as the pair look into options for IVF, but her 16-year-old son doesn't want another sibling because he doesn't believe "the bond" would be there.

Junior currently has six siblings, including his full sister, 13-year-old Princess, and half-siblings Harvey, Jett and Bunny from Katie's previous relationships with Dwight Yorke and Kieran Hayler respectively.

Amelia and Theo are his half-siblings from Peter and his wife Emily.

However, with Junior turning 17 next year, he thinks he has enough siblings to form a close relationship with.

In an interview with OK! magazine with Peter, when asked if Junior would like another sibling, he said no.

He added: "I think the age gap would be too big.

"If Emily got pregnant now that means the baby would be born when I'm almost 17 and I don't think the same strong bond would be there.

"I'll be close to moving out of the house. I want to be the big brother they love so much and not someone they hardly ever see.

"I also have six siblings already so there are quite a few of us."

Junior's youngest sibling is Theo, who is four years old, while his half-sister on his dad's side is eight-years-old.

Bunny and Jett are aged six and seven respectively, while Princess is closer to Junior in age at 13 and Harvey is the eldest at 19 years old.

Katie has big plans over the next few months after confessing that she wanted to shift some weight before doing IVF.

It comes after the former glamour model told The Sun that she plans to do IVF so her mum, who has terminal lung disease, can see her and Carl have children.

Katie told the publication that they have been trying, but they haven't been able to conceive naturally, and have since looked into IVF as an option.

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