Lady Gaga Finds Refuge In Luxury Hotel After The Dognapping

Lady Gaga’s world was shaken up on Wednesday, February 24th, when news of a horrifying situation back at home made it’s way to her, all the way in Italy. Her beloved French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav were dog-napped while out for a walk with their dog walker, Ryan Fischer. Tragically, Ryan suffered a critical gunshot wound in the incident, while attempting to protect the beloved celebrity dogs by warding off his attackers.

The news stunned the nation, and just as everyone was trying to make sense of the situation that was unfolding before them, The New York Post reported that Lady Gaga is taking refuge in a very posh, incredibly luxurious hotel in Italy called the Via Veneto.

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At the time of the incident, Lady Gaga’s very good friend, and long-time dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was walking 3 dogs through the affluent neighborhood of North Sierra Bonita Avenue in Los Angeles. This attack was completely unprovoked, and by all accounts, it seems the dog-nappers strategically targeted Fischer in an attempt to ransom Lady Gaga’s dogs for money. One of her three dogs escaped and was later recovered.

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Since the incident, Ryan Fischer’s condition has improved from critical to stable, as police continue to probe this incident in an effort to find his attackers.

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As the drama continues to unfold and Ryan Fischer fights for his life in a Los Angeles hospital, USA Today reported that Lady Gaga continues to live in the lap of luxury, and has remained in Italy, where she is currently shooting a movie.

Reports indicate that her home-away-from home at this time is none other than the Via Veneto, a very swanky, 5 star hotel in the most high-end region of Rome. This is certainly not your average hotel. The property boasts a hierarchy of rooms, and the most upper-end unit is the Royal Suite. To stay here is to truly live amid opulence. The art-deco featured are highly esteemed by critics around the globe, and this immense, perfectly designed and decorated unit is large enough to accommodate 8 guests.

The space is outfitted with rare, precious Carrara marble and boasts a Turkish bath to encourage optimal relaxation. If Lady Gaga is in search of breathtaking views of Rome, all she has to do is step onto her terrace and she can take in the sights of the iconic via Veneto, and the legendary ruins of Porta Pinciana.

According to the hotel’s website, everything in this room is made of sheer designer luxury, inclusive of sofas in “Rubelli fabric and Hermès limited edition armchairs.

From the security and tranquil surroundings of her posh hotel room, Lady Gaga is said to have offered $500,000 for the safe return of her dogs.

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