Logic Continues to Hint at Collaborative Madlib Album in New MadGic Track "Mafia Music"

A joint collaborative effort between Logic and Madlib definitely seems to be over the horizon as the pair released the brand new track, “Mafia Music.”

The four-minute cut — the longest the two have released so far — hears Madlib sample The Stylistics’ “Payback Is A Dog” in a manner similar to his work on Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire‘s “Black Mirror.” Early on in the track, Logic reveals that they “did this whole album in a f*cking night,” adding, “Whole album in a night, bruh. Egon was telling me how, Egon was telling me the real story about how, uh, he had dropped off these CDs to Kanye‘s engineer. I don’t even know if we can say that. When Kanye tweeted that sh*t he was like, “Yo, Madlib just dropped off a bunch of CDs and the beats.” It was fu*king Egon bro, that’s the man behind the MadGic right there.”

“Mafia Music” is the third single from the pair’s MadGic project, with fans on reddit stating that Logic and Madlib confirmed the collaborative album via recent livestream.

Stream Logic and Madlib’s “Mafia Music” above and stay tuned for more info the MadGic project.

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