Loud Neighbors? These Rug Pads Dampen Noise & They’re Apartment Game-Changers

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When you want to prevent your dog from annoying your neighbors below you with its barking or dull your downstairs neighbor’s music so it doesn’t keep you awake at night, lining your floor with a rug pad is a great strategy for reducing ambient sounds in your home. But, how can you tell which are the best rug pads for soundproofing?

Many rug pads are thin and made to simply prevent rugs from skidding around on the floor, not to soundproof. In contrast, rug pads that are best-suited for soundproofing are ones that are made of a denser material. The density of the pad helps it to cut down on noise passing between floors, so it’s best to buy the thickest pad possible. However, this comes at a cost: Often, the thicker the rug pad is, the more expensive it will be. And some thicker materials like memory foam are not anti-skid, so you’ll have to consider whether that’s important for your space.

Also, keep your flooring in mind as you shop. While many rug pads are designed for a long list of flooring materials, there are some that are not recommended for certain types of surfaces like vinyl, natural stone, or carpet. And when shopping for a rug pad, have your measurements on hand so the pad you buy is the right size for the rug you want to use it under.

In a hurry? Here are the best rug pads for soundproofing.

1. The Best Rug Pad For Soundproofing: Rug Pad USA 0.5-Inch Memory Foam Rug Pad

2. The Runner-Up: Rug Pad USA 0.25-Inch Felt & Rubber Rug Pad

3. The Most Affordable: Gorilla Grip 0.25-Inch Felt & Rubber Rug Pad

But, enough talk. Keep scrolling for more details on the best rug pads for soundproofing, gathered up below.

Made from thick 0.5-inch memory foam, this Rug Pad USA rug pad is one of the densest you’ll find on the market. It’s available in a wide range of sizes and works on hardwood floors as well as a wide variety of other surfaces like concrete, stone, vinyl, and laminate flooring. However, while it boasts soundproof and water-resistant qualities, this rug pad is not anti-slip, so it’s not ideal to use in hallways and other areas where this could be an issue.

According to one reviewer: “Love how cozy it makes the room feel under area rug on hardwood floors. It keeps the room warmer and dampens sound too!"

Although it’s not as thick as the previous pick, this 0.25-inch rug pad has the advantage of being less expensive and anti-slip. Designed for use on hard-surfaced floors, the rug pad’s recycled felt and rubber material is very cushy and helps absorb sound. This pad is also manufactured with high-quality materials in the U.S. and comes with an impressive 20-year warranty.

According to one reviewer: “We removed our carpets for hardwood floors but sound from the living room downstairs comes through the floor into the bedroom upstairs. This causes issues for our roommate who is sound sensitive. We purchased a 8×10′ rug and through this under it and it has helped quite a bit. Our roommate no longer hears the sound downstairs, which I believe to be a 10db change at least. Since this doesn’t cover the entire room, I would say that’s a pretty big success story."

For the most affordable option for a soundproofing rug pad, look no further than this Gorilla Grip rug pad. It’s made of 0.25-inch recycled felt and rubber material that helps reduce sound and, as a bonus, is anti-slip. Plus, hundreds of Amazon reviewers have given it major kudos with an average rating of 4.6 stars. While this is a great affordable option, it’s not as versatile as others on this list. This rug pad is not for use on vinyl, lacquered, acrylic, natural stone, porous, carpeted, or refinished floors, as it could potentially cause staining or damage to those surfaces.

According to one reviewer: “t worked just great for my rug that I put under my dining room table. It has a great rubber grip on the bottom of it so that the rug will stay in place. The pad adds an extra thickness to the rug so that it is more plush and cushiony. It is just what I hoped it up it would be and I will definitely buy this pad for other rugs that I buy in future. It also helps to absorb sound and it is made out of good quality material."

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