Love horoscope Virgo: 2020 relationship insights for Virgo star sign

This year looks positive for the Virgo star sign according to their love horoscope for 2020. A horoscope is a forecast of a person’s future based on the positions of the stars and planets and the time a person was born. Each star sign has different attributes which creates a horoscope for that particular month.


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Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22 and represent being kind and having a big heart.

Virgo belong to the Earth elements of the Zodiac. Earth signs are solid, reliable and practical. They have been described as the Zodiac’s backbone.

A Virgo is represented by the Maiden. The maiden represents innocence, which is a big part of the Virgo symbol.

They specialise in connecting to their physicality, and this Earth sign loves and celebrates physical connection with their partner.

This year will be great in terms of love for a Virgo star sign but this goes deeper than just a partner, it is love with family and friends too.

Yearly Horoscope says: “2020 is a great year for the Virgos! Family life is going to be harmonious and full of joy throughout the year!

“If you are involved in a relationship, you should know that wedding bells will ring for you this year. If you are single, you have all the chances to meet the partner you want.”

Virgos love hard and when they give their heart to someone, they give everything.

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This year Virgos should focus on personal development, partnerships and relationships. This will build their confidence and the love will come naturally, they won’t need to search for it.

Yearly Horoscope continues: “The year 2020 has all the cosmic ingredients to be a special year for Virgo…his is an excellent year for marriage or for starting a relationship.”

In terms of career, a new career path may be available for Virgo star sign this year which may put some strain on their relationship but the pay off will be amazing.

Virgo love making their partner feel special and expect the same in return and when they don’t receive this, they can feel unwanted and unloved.


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Virgos thrive off of honesty and a Virgo partner must be 100 percent truthful and honest in their relationship for it to be strong and to work.

Virgos can be shy at first meeting, and it is important to earn their trust. When Virgo breaks down their guard, they can be the friendliest and most loving person ever.

According to Virgos love horoscope, this year can be quite difficult for a Virgo who already has a partner and states that until September, there is a possibility of a few rough patches.

However things will start to improve after the progression of Jupiter and Saturn and near toward the end of the year your love life will return back to normal.

Virgo get the reputation of being quite an anxious star sign as they tend to worry a lot, especially about their partner.

Virgos love horoscope says that towards the middle of the year you may be worried about your partner’s health.

The top love match for a Virgo is fellow Earth sign Taurus.

When Taurus and Virgo are matched, they have an honest relationship with no hidden secrets. says: “Two earth signs, Taurus and Virgo innately get each other, and they believe that drama takes away from partnership.

“These two signs are happy to swap social media passwords; each other knows that the other has nothing to hide.”

This duo’s relationship could be a match made in heaven due to Taurus having a clear heart and Virgo with a clear mind. Both bounce off of each other and strive to be the best.

While this duo may value different things, they share the trait of being an Earth sign which makes them suitable for each other.

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