Love Island star looks unrecognisable with bold Jessica Rabbit red hair

Last night beauty brand Garnier put on a "Celebrate Your Pride" event, and the turnout was impressive. Guests included Demi Jones, Jessie Wynter and Mal Nicol – and also one celeb who we didn't immediately recognise.

Look closer and you'll spot it's Love Island series seven star Sharon Gaffka, who we're used to seeing with her trademark dark and glossy hair. For last night's event, she underwent a big transformation by going Jessica Rabbit red – and the colour looks incredible.

Official snaps taken from the event show the makeover in all its glory, but Sharon has since followed them up with Instagram selfies uploaded to her Stories.

"New hair (and dirty camera)," she captions the first of the series before going on to share a short clip showing her bright fuchsia outfit.

The new hair is a combination of Ariel The Little Mermaid and Jessica Rabbit, and it suits Sharon's skin tone perfectly. This shade of bright orangey red – more specifically called a 'cowboy copper' is also predicted by hair experts to be one of the most in-demand colours for autumn.

This rich, deep red combines the coolness of brunette with warm, bronze undertones in one fiery hue. The colour has also already taken TikTok by storm, racking up more than 5 million views and counting.

If you’re planning a drastic hair colour change this season, we would always recommend visiting a salon to make sure there are no unexpected disasters – some hair colours can affect the outcome of others! Or, copy Sharon's look with zero commitment by investing in a red wig.

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