Madonna Just Freed The Nipple On Instagram, And She Doesn't Care If You Hate It

  • Madonna, 61, just freed the nipple wearing a see-through bra in a new Instagram.
  • She anticipated having some haters, writing in the caption that she “graduated from the University of Zero F*^ks Given.”
  • Celebs like Katy Perry loved the pic, but others weren’t a fan of the photo.

Madonna has been regularly stirring up controversy since the ‘80s, so it’s hardly shocking that she’d raise a few eyebrows in her 60s. The latest risqué move from Madonna? She just freed the nipple in a new Instagram post, and there’s some serious pearl-clutching happening over it.

It all happened when Madonna shared a photo on Instagram of herself sitting on a couch. Simple enough, right? Her blonde hair is mussed-up, she’s wearing a see-through bra (hence the freed nipples) and black underwear, and is clutching something lacy.

Apparently, Madonna anticipated that some people wouldn’t be cool with this pic, because she wrote a caption that lets would-be haters know what they can do with their negative vibes. “Current Wardrobe Sitch………………And for those of you who are offended in any way by this photo then I want to let you know that I have successfully graduated from the University of Zero F*^ks Given,” she wrote. “Thanks for coming to my Graduation Ceremony! 🎓 Class of 2020! 🎉🎉🎉.”

Plenty of fellow celebs were here for the pic and no-holds-barred message. “Omg I just enrolled in that college!” wrote Katy Perry. “Do your thing Ma,” commented Debi Mazar. “Girl, I told them to send you that diploma years ago ( HOT AF✨👌),” said Courtney Love.

But some people weren’t impressed. “Can’t you guys tell this pic is at least 30 years old? 😂🤣😂 She looks NOTHING like this now,” one person wrote. “Ugh. Give it a rest, grandma,” another said.

Of course, Madonna has a history of not caring what other people think. There was her whole controversial “Like a Prayer” video back in the late 80s, mounting herself on a cross in her Confessions tour, and kissing Drake at Coachella in 2015, just to name a few. And she regularly shares less-than-safe-for-work stuff on Instagram like this:

And this:

Because, Madonna.

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