Mandalorian fans slam Baby Yoda for 'genocide' in egg-eating scene

Furious Mandalorian fans accuse Baby Yoda of committing GENOCIDE for eating eggs in recent episode of the show – with some calling the beloved character a ‘menace’ and threatening to ‘BURN their merch’

  • Baby Yoda has been a fan favorite in the Star Wars universe since The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ this year
  • But some fans no longer find the character cute following last week’s episode, Chapter 10: The Passenger
  • Baby Yoda repeatedly tries to eat Frog Lady’s eggs, which she is taking to her husband to fertilize – and are her last hope for keeping the family line going 
  • He successfully eats several eggs despite repeatedly being told not to
  • Viewers have compared Baby Yoda’s actions to ‘genocide,’  calling him a ‘menace’ and ‘not cute’ – with even director Kevin Smith chiming in

For some fans of the Disney+ hit The Mandalorian, the love affair with Baby Yoda is decidedly over.

Fans have gone wild for the character since the show’s debut last year, fawning over his cute features.

But following the last week’s episode, Baby Yoda’s actions have left some viewers absolutely horrified and furious, with some threatening to burn their merch and accusing Baby Yoda of committing genocide.


Star power: Baby Yoda has been a fan favorite in the Star Wars universe since The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ this year

Love affair, over! But some fans no longer find the character cute following last week’s episode, Chapter 10: The Passenger

In Chapter 10: The Passenger, which premiered on the streaming service last Friday, Mando is transporting Frog Lady from Tatooine to Trask.

She is bringing along a container of her unfertilized eggs, the last ones she will be able to produce, and needs to reach her husband in time for him to fertilize them. If she doesn’t, their family line will die out.  

‘These eggs are the last brood of my life cycle,’ explained Frog Lady said. ‘My husband has risked his life to carve out an existence for us on the only planet that is hospitable to our species. We fought too hard and suffered too much to resign ourselves to the extinction of our family line.’ 

But Baby Yoda is hungry. And throughout the episode, he tries to eat Frog Lady’s eggs. While some of his attempts are thwarted, he does manage to devour some of the eggs.    

The episode ends before Frog Lady gets to her husband, so it’s unclear if she was successful in getting any eggs fertilized. 

While many fans of the show found the antics ‘funny,’ others were unsettled by the character’s behavior — with some flat-out horrified. 

‘Me trying to explain to my kid that Baby Yoda eating those eggs isn’t cute, it’s genocide,’ filmmaker Kevin Smith tweeted, earning thousands of likes.

‘I swear to god if Baby Yoda eats another one of the nice frog lady’s eggs I’m going to burn all my BY merch,’ wrote another viewer.

A third tweeted: ‘The decision to make Baby Yoda eat the eggs of a sentient creature desperately trying to continue its family line in the wake of an implied genocide is… well its a lot,’ said yet another. 

‘Baby Yoda was NOT CUTE eating those eggs last episode,’ asserted one more.

Other Twitter users called Baby Yoda a ‘menace,’ an ‘a**hole,’ and ‘disappointing.’ 

Horrible! Viewers are accusing him of genocide after he ate several of Frog Lady’s eggs, which she was taking to her husband to fertilize

‘Baby Yoda eating other babies isn’t f***ing funny,’ one particularly upset Twitter user ranted. ‘Another side quest episode I didn’t need to see. Not good.’

She went on: ‘Baby Yoda spends the entire episode eating some ladies eggs. It’s made VERY clear that these are her whole world. the last of her line. And he keeps f***ing eating them.’

Even PETA joined in the criticism, though the animal rights organization made it about all eggs. 

‘Eating anyone’s eggs is the path to the dark side, Baby Yoda,’ PETA wrote. ‘Eat them do not. The chicken egg industry confines hens to filthy conditions, exploits their reproductive systems, kills male chicks, and slaughters the hens after they’re no longer “useful.”‘

Some people, though, thought the public outcry was a bit over-the-top, including Scrubs star Zach Braff. 

Some have promised to burn their merch, and even PETA chimed in, using it as a moment to shame people who eat any kind of egg

‘People are mad that Baby Yoda (a fictional rubber puppet) ate a computer generated alien frog’s eggs,’ he tweeted. 

Lucasfilm creative art manager Phil Szostak has even weighed in, saying that Baby Yoda’s actions are meant to be disturbing and comedic.

‘For the record, Chapter 10 of #TheMandalorian makes it clear that the Frog Lady’s eggs are unfertilized, like the chicken eggs many of us enjoy,’ he tweeted.

‘But obviously, chickens aren’t sentient beings and the Child eating the eggs is intentionally disturbing, for comedic effect.

‘Fans of horror know that disturbing things make some of us laugh and some of us squirm, or both. Your mileage may vary.’

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